Welcome to my ego. Bask in its glory.

P.J. O’Rourke recently proclaimed, “Very little that gets blogged is of very much worth.”  I beg to differ.  Breadpeople.com is surely essential to the very existence of the thousands of people who share a common interest in pictures of their favorite celebreadies (Barrye Maniloaf, Michael J. Focaccia, and Crust Crustofferson, to name a few).  You can’t tell me that leisuredive.com isn’t a compelling allegory of the human condition. And where else would Kim Jong-Il enthusiasts go to see pictures of the Dear Leader doing what he does best, if not for kimjongillookingatthings.com.

Of course North Korean olive oil is the very best, Dear Leader.

So, even though P.J. O’Rourke, and surely many others, would rather be scissor-kicked in the throat than read another blog, I will forge on and bring the masses that for which they did not ask (and possibly even explicitly declined).  I will bring you my unsolicited commentary on the two most important topics known to man: beer and barbecue.

And if you don’t read my inspired rantings, I can only conclude that you hate beer and barbecue…which means you are a communist.  And you hate baby Jesus.  And that’s messed up.

Please don't hate me.


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