BBQ munchies

It’s time to put the “becue” back in “beerbecue”.  If you are doing it right, barbecue takes a long time (anywhere from 3 to 12 hours, and even more if you are dealing with a caveman-size slab of meat).  A growing boy can get hungry in that amount of time…

The four food groups.

Of course, each of these items is healthy and tasty.  But combined, they constitute wildly un-kosher, interim nourishment for the pitmaster and his impatient, unruly subjects.

Do this:

More specifically, fashion a slice of sausage and a piece of bacon into a little cup-like dealie-bob, and sprinkle some brown sugar and pour some bourbon around (make sure to get some inside the cup). Let ’em sit and get freaky to some Barry White, Barry Manilow…any Barry will do.

Then do this:You add them with whatever you are smoking.  You can put them on a tray, as I did, so they can get all biblical and whatnot in their juices.  Or, if you already let them get freaky enough to the applicable Barry, then just put ’em right on the grate.  Note: If you put them on a tray, I would put them on the grate after a bit so the bacon has time to get a little crispy.

I had these unholy little bastards on for about 1.5 hours at around 250 – 275, with lump coal and hickory and apple wood chunks (which is how I roll).  By then, that big bacon-wrapped bastard on the lower right had reached 155 degrees, which is right where you want it if you are not into trichinosis.

Then you get this:

Happy birthday to me.

And this:

Oh, look who decided to take some time out her 23.5 hour/day sleeping schedule.

You can throw these at your impatient family and guests to tide them over for the main event.  And it will provide a little somethin’ for your glorious pitmaster belly, so you can continue swilling your firewater of choice. And this is probably easily transferable to regular grilling (just put them away from the flame).


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