Beer Review: Lagunitas Bavarian-Styled Doppel Weizen

To make up for making fun of Germans in the post I wrote to make up for making fun of Germans, I shall now review another German-styled beer: Doppel Weizen. And it’s from the king of consistently affordable and good beers: Lagunitas.

Wann ist der nächste Überfall von Frankreich?

“Doppel weizen” is German for double wheat.  I guess that means what we got here is some sort of super-duty hefeweizen/weizenbock thing.  But this is Lagunitas, who seems to aggresssively hop everything. So, we’ll see what they do with a beer known for its lack of hop character.

First thing you notice is the smell of ripe banana with a hint of clove.  Promising, as this is true to the style.  As for the taste, it tastes like a perfectly ripe banana…without all the stress of grocery store banana selection and the hopes that at least one banana’s 30-second window of perfect ripeness will coincide with your desire to eat a banana.  Unfortunately, this simultaneous occurrence is more elusive than the Loch Ness Monster’s g-spot.

Poor Nessie.

There are also some cloves, maltiness, and a slight hint of alcohol. As it warms, it starts to get a little sweeter tasting, perhaps annoyingly so for some. And the hops come out, maybe indicating that some of the ripe, almost floral, quality of the banana was just hops in disguise. Lagunitas just couldn’t help themselves.

A good beer overall.  My only complaint is that it might have ended slightly too sweet.  I would get it again, though; and it did make me want to invade France, which is the hallmark of a good German-style beer.

The Haybag: Bananas!  I really like this beer.  Which reminds me, you need to eat that last banana before it goes bad.

Dammit! Late again. F&%$#@g bananas.


3 thoughts on “Beer Review: Lagunitas Bavarian-Styled Doppel Weizen

    • It’s not bad. It really hits some of the elements of the style quite well. It was just ever so slightly overboard in sweetness and hops (which for this style, is any real hop character at all). They did try, though…it is only like 12 IBUs.

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