Beer Review: Sierra Nevada Estate Homegrown Ale (Wet Hop Ale)

I don’t want to become the crotchety guy who just bitches about beer he doesn’t like. So, here’s one I liked.  It’s Sierra Nevada’s Estate Homegrown Ale.

This is a wet hop ale that Sierra Nevada brewed with hops and barley grown on their own property, which is strange because I think Chico, CA, may be better known for other homegrown crops.

"Textiles" crop.

It pours a lovely copperish-orange, with a nice, white, big-bubbled head.  It kind of smells like a sauvignon blanc…er, what I meant to say is: what kind of self-respecting male would drink a sauvignon blanc?  Let’s try again.  The hop aroma is pretty strong grapefruit, with some herbal zippiness.

As for the taste, drinking this beer feels just shy of taking part in a (fully-clothed) grapefruit-themed fraternity hazing ritual.

Like this...but with your face.

There is some pine and herbal quality to the hops as well, but mainly grapefruit.  And despite the fact that this is a hop monster, there is some decent malt character in there to balance it.  This is a well-crafted beer.  Get this if you like being brutalized by hoppy, but not-over-the-top, beers.

The Haybag: It’s a pretty good beer.  In hoppy beers, though, I prefer the orange-citrus or floral hop character to the grapefruit bomb.  And I would have preferred a little more sweetness as a backbone.  You’re still crotchety.


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