Beerbecue Bat Signal Lit for Thanksgiving Beer Pairings

Dangermenparenting sent out the batsignal to beerbecue to come up with some good beers for a typical Thanksgiving meal.  Ever the intrepid blog, the Haybag and I have accepted this challenge.  In the meantime, if anyone has any successes or suggestions on this topic, feel free to send them to me (in comments or offline). I will decide later whether your suggestion is worthy of inclusion, or whether I will just steal your glory and claim the idea as my own.

Yours in beer,


5 thoughts on “Beerbecue Bat Signal Lit for Thanksgiving Beer Pairings

  1. My go-to pairing for Thanksgiving dinner is Allagash Tripel–its slightly spicy earthiness goes well with just about everything on the table. It’s also light-bodied for its ABV, which is doubly nice because the lightness is good to counteract the heavy meal and the high ABV is good to counteract the extended family.

    Brooklyner-Schneider Hopfen-Weisse would also go really well with a nicely roasted turkey. Its hoppiness cuts any turkey grease while its breadiness pairs well with stuffing and whatnot. My wife once paired this with a thyme-roasted chicken and it was, I swear, the best pairing I’ve ever had.

    Assuming pumpkin pie is for dessert, I’d fight the urge to pair a pumpkin beer. Instead I’d go with something with a good spice or fruitiness in it–maybe a Chimay Blue or a Unibroue Noire de Chambly.

    • I have a couple things jotted down, and I am definitely going the tripel direction (some other Belgians, too). Not a bad suggestion on the dessert. That is a different direction than I was generally planning on going, but good. I like it. And I totally agree on the pumpkin beer comment…besides, if I drink another pumpkin beer, I may have to scissor kick someone in the throat. Thanks!

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