A Thank You from Beerbecue

beerbecue hit 1,000 views. And apparently people read it, because I certainly haven’t clicked refresh that many times.  So thank you.

I will keep the silly beer reviews coming (some Winter seasonals will be forthcoming). I am also considering throwing in some other stuff: Like more Curmudgeon, another cider review (interestingly, beerbecue’s highest ranked post), and an improved “bacon explosion” on the smoker.

Also, I have been bandying about an idea for a series to be known as the “Beergina Monologues”. Although, when I ran this by the Haybag, she was less than enthusiastic about the name for some reason.  We’ll see if it makes it out of R&D and clears the legal department.

I guess 1,000 views may not be that many for most blogs, but it seems pretty cool to me. So, thanks again. And keep reading, or you’re off my Christmas card list.


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