Beer Review: Scaldis Noel is good, and yetis have hairy armpits

Now that people are decking halls and donning gay apparel, it’s time to dust off your Raffi Christmas album, get out your dickey, and throw down some Christmas beers.

Nice dickey.

So, we have Scaldis Noel, which is from some Belgian brewery whose name I probably can’t pronounce.  And I must admit to not knowing much about Belgium; except, judging from this 8 fl. oz. bottle, its inhabitants must be about Hobbit-size. I can think of no other reason for a bottle of beer to be this small.  Split it with your Haybag, and you only get 4 fl. oz.

Awwww, it's cute.

It pours a reddish-copper, with very little head. It smells like bread, Belgian yeast, Belgian candy sugar, and maybe a hint of orange (but not hoppy, citrusy orange). It tastes like it smells, plus maybe some raisins soaked in melted brown sugar (that is going to get feedback from the pretension ombudsman). Then it has a warm and boozy, don’t-drink-me-at-work, 12% abv finish.

Near the bottom of the glass, as it warms, I can almost taste Cointreau (orange flavor identified). Not in a bad way, of course…my path through law school was littered with, inter alia, drained Cointreau bottles.

The Haybag: More like: Split it with your Haybag, and the Haybag gets 3 oz….you bastard.


7 thoughts on “Beer Review: Scaldis Noel is good, and yetis have hairy armpits

    • Don’t blame yourself. Its size makes it elusive! I picked it up from Rick’s on Saturday…they may still have some. Two others we snagged that I’m pretty excited about: The Bruery’s 4 Calling Birds and Schlafly’s bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout.

  1. Nice work. Thanks for the shout out. Belgian Hobbits also make a beer called Trolls – as in Cuvee des Trolls. Very delicious. Your Cointreau mention is most apt. Wee drams of strong beer go far wouldn’t you say?

    • Thanks. It’s a damn fine beer. I will keep an eye out for Cuvee des Trolls. You import some nice beers. I also recommended Saison Dupont in my Thanksgiving pairing post. Thanks for importing good beers for us to drink!

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