Beer Review: The Bruery’s 4 Calling Birds

Next up, we have the Bruery’s 4 Calling Birds, which is the fourth beer in their 12 Days/Years of Christmas series. All of the beers in the series thus far are designed to age well until 12 Drummers Drumming comes out.  So in 2019, you can sit down and get housed on 12 bombers of 10% abv beer, all at the perfect age.

Fuck that. We drink beers ’round here. We once aged a bottle of North Coast Old Stock Ale. It was torture. So we aged 4 Calling Birds for three days.

It pours a dark brown, almost black, with a quickly-receding tan head and a faint smell of ginger, malt, and RC Cola. It tastes gingery, with occasional hints of chocolate, toffee, and molasses. I really like it. But, unfortunately, it has a lingering aftertaste that is like I tripped some Robe about 10 minutes ago.

Fear and loathing in my kitchen.

Maybe age it, after all.  I am guessing that will mellow it out.  And perhaps the trippin’ Robe taste was just the licorice that the Bruery advertises in the description on their website.

The Haybag: It starts out fine; but in the middle and towards the end there is a faint odd taste lurking in the background, kind of like Li’l Lisa’s Patented Animal Slurry or ground-up mackerel.*  Although, as it warmed this went away.  Maybe it’s better to drink it at the suggested 50 degrees.

*It should be disclosed that the Haybag has some taste trauma flashback issues stemming from a prescribed powdered pregnancy supplement that tasted like ground-up mackerel with a touch of orange creamsicle. Needless to say, it was not the best pairing with morning sickness. And I think something about this beer triggered a flashback. So, as long as you have not had that stuff, you will not share the Haybag’s experience with this beer.


11 thoughts on “Beer Review: The Bruery’s 4 Calling Birds

    • That is what I figured, especially because it is made to age 8 years. I would have had to buy two bottles, though…cause there is no way I would have been able to let it sit for 8 years without my curiosity getting the better of me.

  1. You’ve reached another level of respect in my book by showing the ability to identify RC Cola in an adult beverage. Believe it or not I once stumbled upon this flavor in a Spanish wine we would at the Curious Grape and it was such a trip.

    BTW-aging beers at home is highly overrated.

  2. Well, you aged it for about 3 days longer than I managed! I think I got something strange in the aftertaste too (though not quite Robe or Slurry notes!), but as the Haybag mentions, the beer evened out a little as it warmed. I’m really hoping to find another bottle and hide it somewhere in my house so that I can’t find it for 8 years. Or something.

    • That’s funny, I just tried to comment on your review a couple hours ago, but my connection was all screwy and it never went through. There was definitely something that was lingering around for a long time, but it was pretty slight…and I imagine a little mellowing would help. Good luck on finding an adequate hiding place. I’m definitely no good at it.

      • Yeah, my comment system is screwy. I actually got your comment, but I’m sure you got a timeout error or something. I’ve been getting spam attacks, so my host throttled my scripts.

        At this point I have so much beer in my house that I think I could actually hold off on drinking it for a while!

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