BBQ: Smokin’ a Fatty (Bacon, Sausage, Bacon, and Brie)

The Curmudgeon (beerbecue’s Pretension Ombudsman) has accused beerbecue of failing to acknowledge the “becue” in its name. Interestingly, since he usually shows up to sample any BBQ, this strikes me as a bit self-serving. Regardless, today we are throwing together a bacon explosion. As a modification, we are going to add some brie, because we’re all classy ‘n shit at beerbecue.

The bacon explosion is really just a smoked fatty.  Smoked fatties started when some motherloving genius grabbed a roll of Bob Evans sausage, tossed it on the smoker for a couple hours, and threw it at his starving family while they waited for the BBQ to reach perfection. Then people started stuffing them, until the nirvana of fatties was reached when BBQ Addicts invented the Bacon Explosion.

What you’ll need:

  • 2 lbs bacon
  • 2 lbs sausage (I used breakfast, some use Italian)
  • Your favorite BBQ dry rub (Careful, not too much salt, as this is pretty salty on its own.) I threw one together.
  • Your favorite BBQ sauce (optional)
  • Brie (or perhaps some Gouda…for a little more flavor)

First step, we will need some dirty, dirty music from the capital of diabetes and heart disease: Mississippi. Any blues will do, actually, as long as the musician is from the South, does not know his true birthday, has been married no fewer than 5 times, and has fathered no fewer than 15 children.

T-Model Ford: From Mississippi, born between '20 and '25, five ex wives, and an estimated 26 kids.

  • Set up a bacon weave with half the bacon and sprinkle on some dry rub. I know how to do this from months of watching Epic Meal Time.


  • Place some saran wrap over the bacon, flatten out the sausage over the top of the bacon weave, and sprinkle more dry rub on.

  • Throwing it in the fridge at this point will make it easier to roll later. Fry up some bacon and cut it up. Take the monstrosity out of the fridge and sprinkle the bacon over the top.

  • Add some Brie, or your classy cheese of choice (some add BBQ sauce in lieu of cheese at this point).

  • With the care and skill of a Cuban cigar roller, roll up the sausage nice and tight. Pinch off the seams nicely to avoid a cheese blowout.

Ladies and Gentlemen: A fatty

  • Remove the saran wrap without breaking the fatty. And, with the skill of a redneck sushi chef, use the aluminum foil to roll the bacon around the fatty.

  • Then sprinkle the outside with some more dry rub (some folks will even coat it with some BBQ sauce at this point and/or towards the end of the smoke).

I am developing some left arm pain and shortness of breath already.

  • Put this unholy thing on your smoking apparatus for about 3 hours at 225F. I was a little pressed for time, so I ended-up in the 250-260F range for a little over 2 hours. I used half hickory and half apple wood.

  • When it reaches an internal temp of 165F, pull out your fatty. Let your fatty sit for a bit so you don’t lose the juices when you cut it. I have seen some people, before slicing, stick a bunch of skewers into it (one for each slice) so it looks all like Hellraiser Fatty. It makes it less likely to fall apart and people have a way to hold it and eat it. That’s a little too fancy for this guy.

The Hayabg: I can think of some better things to do with a day off work.

The Curmudgeon: Holy shit. Sometimes there are no words…one simply bows their head and says, “Thank you.”


8 thoughts on “BBQ: Smokin’ a Fatty (Bacon, Sausage, Bacon, and Brie)

    • Every Tuesday morning I anxiously await the next installment of Epic Meal Time. Those guys (or at least Harley) are gluttonous geniuses.

      I probably won’t be doing this again anytime soon, though..I estimated it at about 5010 calories and like 475 grams of fat. That is formidable.

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