A (Short) Year in Beerbecue: 2011

As beerbecue is still in its infancy (a mere three months), I hadn’t given much thought to an end of the year post. As a tax attorney, I thought about having a non-calendar year blogging year, but ultimately the only deferral benefit seemed to be that of procrastination for an end of year post (this joke will kill with my tax attorney demographic). I had several false starts on lists, and gave up on crowning a beerbecue brewery of the year (the Haybag and I could not agree, and she actually said my selection “sucked”.)

So, I thought I would share with you some of the more unusual search terms that have landed people on beerbecue. A friend of mine did this a couple months ago on his blog, Thoughts From Paris, and I thought it was funny.

Pumpkins: I did a rather extensive pumpkin beer review (part 1 and part 2)…so extensive, that the thought of a pumpkin beer still makes me want to gouge my eyes out. It was popular, however, and I still get search engine hits for “pumpkin beer” and “pumpkin”. In fact, I even get hits in foreign languages: Russian (тыква) and Arabic (قرع عسلي ).

No doubt “pumpkin” is a terrorist code word for dirty bomb, and I am now on NSA’s watchlist. Other Foreign language searches include:

  • волосы клоуна, Russian for clown hair, which apparently hit for Patches the nuclear scientist clown in the New Belgium 1554 Enlightened Black Ale review.
  • Людвиг i Баварский, Russian for Ludwig I of Bavaria, which probably hit on my first apology to Germans in the Port City Oktoberfest review.
  • Labu, either Latvian for good or Indonesian for flask…I have no clue.

This Scary Bastard’s Wife: I have a number of views for the search “Sebastien Chabal’s wife”. This is Sebastien Chabal:Oh dear God. I included a picture of him in the very popular Crispin Lansdowne Cider review. But I swear, Mr. Chabal, I have never impugned your wife, or even looked at her…sir.

A search that was perhaps too late: I got a hit for “heffewiswn lagunitas alcohol content”. I reviewed Lagunitas Bavarian Styled Doppel Weizen, and the answer is 9% ABV. But it looks like this search was made a little too late.

The Loch Ness Monster’s What!? There are several hits for “Loch Ness Monster’s G-Spot”. OK, this was me. But it hits for the Doppel Weizen review, and it is the top ranking Google result for that search. Huzzah!

I Can’t Help You: “i want my fuckig job back”, “female dog is doing it on my leg”, “izzy the sperm monster”, and “hairy armpit”.  These people clearly had problems that required attention (perhaps immediate attention in some cases), but beerbecue can’t help them. I hope they enjoyed the site, though.

Thanks for reading beerbecue. I really appreciate it. I hope you had a great 2011, and have a great 2012.

The Haybag: Please continue reading my husband’s blog. It keeps him happy.


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