Beer Review: Boulevard Brewing Long Strange Tripel

Next up, Boulevard Brewing’s Long Strange Tripel:

Dangermenparenting brought over this solid, out-of-town find. It hails from Kansas City, Belgium…no wait, Missouri!? It was split four ways and near the end of the evening, so don’t judge my glass selection and hazy iPhone notes.

This beer is excellent. And I am not a style nazi at all, but it’s pretty true to the tripel style. The Alström Bros from beeradvocate actually gave this a rare 100. Although as usual, I read their review and felt like we drank a different beer. They’re always throwing in crazy-ass flavors that they pick up. “A passing hint of passion fruit eaten while you place your nose against the brass handle of a porthole on a ship in high seas, such that the rolling ship makes you faint and hollow in the stomach.” OK, they didn’t actually say that. But sometimes I feel like they are talking out of their asses…or their palates could just be better than mine.

Carob, blossom honey, medicinal phenols, sage, booze-soaked golden raisins, and an underlying flatulent funk.

It pours hazy orange with a nice, white head that hangs around (but it’s in one of my hop bomb glasses, so sue me). The smell is belgian candy sugar, bananas, cloves, and a latent fruitiness. The taste is as it smells, along with belgian yeast, peppery spiciness, and apples and pears. I like my tripels slightly on the sweet end of the tripel spectrum, and this one does not disappoint. But it’s not so sweet that the carbonation can’t do its job: masking (mostly) the 9% ABV and giving it a clean finish.

I want more of this. And I want more Boulevard dammit!

The Haybag: I remember this was quite good, but my mental notes from that evening are a little hazy. I think they need to bring us another one so that I can be certain.


4 thoughts on “Beer Review: Boulevard Brewing Long Strange Tripel

    • I am guessing that means Utah or Southern Idaho. Maybe I will have to pull out a Uinta Labyrinth or Cockeyed Cooper. Or I will be in Jackson, WY, in a couple weeks, perhaps I can find some glutton-available beers there, or Victor if we go to Targhee!

  1. Yah that means Utah.

    You seriously going to be in Jackson soon? You have to head over to Victory and visit my friends at Grand Teton. I’d be sure to give ya the intro to the communications director.

    • Man, that would be cool. The guy whose timeshare we mooch off is on the cusp of starting his own brewery, and we are all big fans of beer. Unfortunately, I am only there from 7p on Friday through 8a on Sunday (only ski day on Saturday). One of the other tax guys in my office is on paternity leave right now so I have to cut my trip way short this year. I might have to hit you up next year, though. Thanks, though. Dammit!

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