Beer Review: Mikkeller/Stillwater Two Gypsies Our Side – Confronting my gypsy curse

I received a complaint about fawning over too many beers in a row…so next time I will say WTF to the super brewer collaboration La Citrueille Celeste de Citracado. This time we have the Mikkeller/Stillwater gypsy brewer collaboration – Two Gypsies Our Side:

OK, make that three gypsies.

I may be a little late to the game on this one, but this beer has me a little unsettled. I was once cursed by a Spanish gypsy. My friend, Tomás, and I were walking up the pathway to the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, and from nowhere pops this woman who, in my mind, after 10 years of telling this story looks like this:

10 years ago I was beautiful!

She was sticking a bouquet of parsley in our faces and insisting that she tell our fortune for an undisclosed fee. After repeatedly declining her generous offer, she became enraged, started stamping her feet, pointed at us with two fingers, and screeched at us in Andalusian Spanish crossed with God knows what…yada, yada, yada…now apparently death will come for me alone in the woods by way of a serpent.

A snake...fine. But a fucking serpent!? Really?

It pours a hazy gold, with a nice head made of big, fizzy bubbles. It has an earthy saison/farmhouse yeast smell with lemon peel and piney hop aromas. It is bubbly up front, with a nice barnyard funk in the middle. Then it finishes with pepper and very subtle, piney hops. The aftertaste alternates between a slight and pleasant piney bitterness and the occasional barn. It’s like a barn at a Christmas tree farm (without any pesky animals).

It is fairly dry, and as it warms the hops become more apparent. The hops are definitely piney, with some citrus, and maybe a little grassiness. This thing is so subtle and complex, I couldn’t take my beak out of the glass. At one point towards the end, the hop aroma started to smell like tropical fruit. I give up. I suck. I am not worthy of describing this beer. The damn review is a mess!

The Haybag: Umm, what’s your deal? It’s good. It went very well with the tuna steaks. Hey, I forgot about that gypsy curse. Are your life insurance premiums current?


11 thoughts on “Beer Review: Mikkeller/Stillwater Two Gypsies Our Side – Confronting my gypsy curse

  1. I’m not a huge fan of Brett beers, but this one was pretty damn awesome. I definitely picked up that tropical fruitiness right from the start and normally I’d think that the funky brett character would ruin that, but it was really well balanced…

    • Do it! I had it for the first time while in Richmond, VA at a Stillwater tap takeover in this Vietnamese restaurant that specializes in craft and Belgian beers. It’s fantastic and surprisingly hoppy.

    • I encourage you to do so. There were one or two behind the one I took from the shelf at Rick’s.

      Ummm, a Vietnamese restaurant that specializes in craft and Belgian beers? That is unexpected. Do they have good pho?

  2. Good story. I love this beer. Of course, it features my two favorite breweries.

    We were in Spain this past summer. The gypsies were bad, especially in Granada. Of course, I never gave them money for herbs, but they never cursed me either. You must have had your smug American face on that day.

    • Yeah. This was a good one…perhaps a little over my head (at least for reviewing purposes).

      Tomas looks and sounds like he is from Madrid (I guess because he actually is…). I, however, am pretty pasty…maybe passable for Basque? Probably not. Anyway, she cursed both of us.

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