Beer Review: The Bruery/Stone/Elysian – Citrueille Celeste de Citracado

Next up, the product of a collaboration between The Bruery, Stone, and Elysian, Citrueille Celeste de Citracado:

F-ing 33 cents per ounce.

Let me start by saying I love all three of these breweries. This collaboration is like a freaking rock supergroup. That being said, even the best supergroups (on paper) can put out some real turds. Case in point: Whole Lotta Yoko by The Dirty Mac (Lennon, Clapton, Mitch Mitchell, and Keith Richards). Somehow, Lennon convinced the rest of these rock gods to let Yoko contribute to a song. And if you have never listened to the free-form vocal stylings of Yoko Ono, you are missing out (start at about 1:20):

Apparently, this beer is brewed with pumpkin, yams, toasted fenugreek, lemon verbena, and birch bark. It pours watery and dark brown with a small, tan head. It smells herby, earthy, and a little lemony. And It tastes like birch mulch and a musty lemon, with some medium-bodied coffee and slight pumpkin lurking in the background. There is very little sweetness and it has a fairly thin mouthfeel. Me no likey.

It seems some people like it, though. There are some solid reviews of it on Ratebeer and Beeradvocate (although, there is quite a bit of applause at the end of that Whole Lotta Yoko song, too). It’s also worth noting that this beer has a large ambivalent contingency. But I refuse to be shamed into not hating this beer, like it’s Mr. Holland’s Opus, or something. It’s OK to hate some beers….and that sappy, pandering piece of crap, Mr. Holland’s Opus.

You suck!

The Haybag: I think it’s OK. It’s almost like an interesting medium-bodied coffee. I should note that I cheered when that video was over, too. But I don’t know what kind of cold-hearted bastard hates Mr. Holland’s Opus.


5 thoughts on “Beer Review: The Bruery/Stone/Elysian – Citrueille Celeste de Citracado

  1. True story: on a road trip back before MP3s, we forgot to bring out our selection of CDs. After scouring the car, the only CDs we could find were the Mr. Holland’s Opus soundtrack and the score from The Hunt for Red October.

    Now every roadtrip we go on, we have to play Mr Holland’s actual opus (i.e. the song that’s played at the end of the movie). It’s horrible, but we listened to it so many times that we can’t have a road trip without it.

    We can also do a pretty good a capella Russian national anthem, but we still hate communists. And their fancy caterpillar drive.

    • One question remains: How did the Mr. Holland’s Opus CD get in there in the first place? I can only assume that some thief stole a CD case from another car, saw the CD in question, and threw it in your car through a window that you happened to have left slightly ajar.

      Damn communists.

      • It wasn’t our car – we borrowed a friend’s parent’s car (a suburban – only car big enough to fit all of us). Now, why _they_ had those CDs in the car is still a mystery, though parents have bad taste.

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