Sound Brewery Humulo Nimbus Double IPA

Enough of the pig-naming. Next we have Humulo Nimbus Double IPA from Sound Brewery. This was brought on my recent annual ski mancation (with about 8 million other IPAs) by my friend Rob, a.k.a. Throb.Sound Brewery dutifully fulfills its beer industry obligation by naming its double IPA with a hop pun. The scientific name for hops is humulus lupulin. And because Sound is based near Seattle, their clever wordplay options are limited to seasonal affective disorder, extended-adolescent-existential-hipster angst, and rain clouds.

They chose cumulonimbus clouds, which are big-ass rain clouds that form from cumulus clouds, which are nature’s light, fluffy, floating Rorschach ink blot tests. Although, if actually used in therapy on men, it would end up disastrously going something like this:

Tell me the first thing that comes to your mind…

Ummmm, two boobs?

OK, how about now?

Lots of boobs?

Interesting. How about now?

One boob.

OK. Try to think of something other than just breasts, please. How about now?

OK, see, now that's an elephant...with boobs.

Humulo Nimbus pours a partly cloudy amber, with a quickly-dissipating, fluffy, off-white head that leaves some whispy lacing. The smell is pleasant, with citrus, apricots, malt, and a 100% chance of hoppiness. The first taste brings a deluge of huge, resinous, piney, and citrusy hop flavor. There are also some juicy tropical fruits moving through as well. The hops are well-balanced, however, with a strong malt backbone that is, surprisingly, not that sweet. And at times I noticed some scattered, light vanilla flavor (as I do with Stoudts Double IPA). The mouthfeel is fairly full, and the beer is almost chewy, but it somehow remained pretty refreshing after a long day of skiing (perhaps because the malt backbone was not too sweet).

I really liked this beer, and may be hitting up Throb to send me some.

The Haybag: For my sake, I really wish that what happened in J-Hole, stayed in J-Hole…particularly the cloud boob gags.

4 thoughts on “Sound Brewery Humulo Nimbus Double IPA

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