Stillwater Pub in Baltimore

Twits, twonks, tweeterers, etc., are aflutter. Mr. Strumke, of Stillwater, is teaming-up with Jack’s Bistro to open a bar in Baltimore. This will mean more trips to Baltimore for the beerbecue tribe: “Yeah, honey, Maddy told me she really wants to go to the train museum in Baltimore. But she’s really embarrassed about it, so if you ask her she will deny it.”

The name appears to be “Of Love and Regret”. And, if for no other reason, I will be going to preemptively drink all of Mr. Strumke’s beers before he drinks all of mine.

So far, it looks like the following are good places to watch for updates on this:
Stillwater Artisanal Ales Facebook
Stillwater Artisanal Ales Twitter
Jack’s Bistro Facebook
Jack’s Bistro Twitter

Congrats, Mr. Strumke. And good luck!


4 thoughts on “Stillwater Pub in Baltimore

    • After watching the first season of the Wire, the Haybag made me drive her through West Baltimore. It’s nice that there will be a safer option for the Haybag’s Baltimore entertainment.

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