Blog Tag: Dammit

I was “tagged” by Liquorstore Bear (a blog written by a booze-addled teddy bear). Apparently, this means I am supposed to answer some questions and ask some questions of other bloggers. Normally, I would be pissed at such chain-mail-type shenanigans, but I am a huge fan of Liquorstore Bear, and I am always happy when a fellow blogger sends traffic my way. So I’m game.

However, as retribution for this award/chain-letter/honor/whatever, I am going to give that booze-crazed ursus a glance into what his future holds. This image will haunt his sweet, teddy-bear dreams. Behold, the poster-child of teddy (koala) bear alcohol abuse:

The mange…the mange.

The rules are apparently as follows:

  • Post the rules
  • Answer the questions (Based on past posts this seems flexible)
  • Create 11 new questions
  • Tag 11 people with a link to your post (I am pretty sure I don’t know 11 blogs well enough to do this to them)
  • Let them know you’ve tagged them (I am going allow them plausible denial and just tag them…we’re keeping participation as optional as possible up in here.)

Liquorstore Bear did not create any new questions, and beerbecue likes to keep it on the pithy tip; therefore, I will answer the 7 questions I create:

Your first beer: A Coors. I think my Dad gave it to me with the intention of turning me off to beer. That worked well.
Your first good beer: Steelhead Extra Pale Ale. I was 17.
Your favorite BBQ joint? I am in-between right now. Before they had to close, it was Smoke Signals in Summerville, SC (the original one). They catered our rehearsal dinner, which, considering the Haybag is a vegetarian, is clearly my greatest marriage-era victory. I have yet to find a great BBQ joint in the DC-area.
Which childhood star most influenced you? Emannuel Lewis from Webster. I implore you to find a more compelling performer in any genre.
Would you rather listen to Exile on Main St. or Sgt. Pepper’s? Exile on Main St. I feel pretty strongly about this. Answer this incorrectly and there could be serious consequences and repercussions.
Which is better: or I am a purist, and the departed Dear Leader had much more experience. So, Kim Jong Il looking at things. Perhaps Kim Jong Un will improve his technique and form in the years to come.
To the extent divulging it would not reveal top-secret, upcoming reviews…what beers are in your fridge right now? We are due for a beer run, but: Flying Dog Wildeman Farmhouse IPA and Snake River’s Lager, OB-1, and Pako’s IPA.

Now, here are the tagees. I read them regularly. And all of these blogs follow me (at least until I tag them in this post) and comment on my site, Facebook, or Twitter. Read these blogs. Those of you listed, think of this as an endorsement. And any level of participation in this game (including none) is acceptable to me.

Lyrics, Libations, and Life
Danger Men Parenting
Kaedrin Beer Blog
The Dogs of Beer
Out Behind the Woodshed
Building International Coalitions Through Beer and Pavement 

Damn you, Liquorstore Bear.


10 thoughts on “Blog Tag: Dammit

  1. ARRGGGHHHHH! WTF is that?? That’s not even a proper bear! Koalas don’t even have the same number of chromosomes! And they are vicious little mothers too. Yikes.
    But you may be right…I’m almost that mangy.

    • These are groundbreaking topics! I really mean it when I say that participation is completely optional. I really just ultimately did it so that I could pimp some of my favorite blogs (which I hadn’t done in awhile).

      Also, you may be interested to know that my employer-issued laptop blocks your site. The blocked category listed is “Sex”. Scandalous.

  2. Tagged?? Dammit!! I guess I might actually have to respond since the tag has something to do with German. (btw thanks)

    I have to say that the first beer remember consuming was probably a Coors as well. I say remember, because the workers for my father’s construction company where feeds brews when I was two years old. Talk about struggling to walk. 🙂

    • Learning while impaired will only make you more proficient while not impaired! I look forward to your post. Also, I popped in to Curious Grape, apologized for having gone to Cheesetique while CG was closed, and bought some beer. I think their beer selection might be slightly smaller than before, but it is efficient. There are some good beers in there, with surprising variety. I think they have more wine, and the cheese selection and eating area look nice. They did a good job with the space.

      • I think the idea was to provided a smaller yet better selection of both wine and beer, maximizing on what they have learned people enjoy. I seen pictures of the space and agree they did a good job with what was there. Definitely an improvement over the Big Screen Store. 🙂 I’m curious to see what you think about their new concept and the location itself. Do you like both?

      • The Haybag and I still have to check out the cafe and restaurant. I think it is good they have those and the cheese, etc., as being a food destination and place where you can pick up food and wine may help them make up for the lost foot traffic being around the corner there (and up some stairs off the sidewalk).

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