Extra Strength Tylenol Cold – Sore Throat…and Unrelated T-Shirt/Apron Giveaway

Next up, Tylenol Cold – Sore Throat:

Extra strength. Cause we don't F around.

It pours a mostly clear blue, like I imagine smurf blood, but thicker. No head to speak of, even with a vigorous pour. It smells like wild berry scented icy hot, with a sort of mediciney hint of band-aid in the background. It tastes like menthol, with a smack of something that makes my head involuntarily shake back-and-forth violently. Unfortunately, it lacked that special something that one finds in NyQuil…that something that reminds you to take the “wake up where you take it” cold and flu remedy close to bed. The finish is its best attribute, as it leaves behind a soothing, cool sensation from your uvula to half-way down your esophagus.

I highly recommend it to anyone with a sore throat.

The Haybag: I like the flavor and cooling quality so much that, when I have a sore throat, I like to sip it like a fine digestif.

P.S. Also, this week, anyone who comments on any beerbecue post, “likes” beerbecue on Facebook, signs up for email notifications, or follows beerbecue on Twitter (@beerbecue7) will be entered to win a beerbecue t-shirt or apron. If you enter by following on Twitter, be sure to mention to me something witty about beerbecue swag so I can differentiate between the contest entrants and random, new twitter followers.

UPDATE: Lyricslibationsandlife had a good question. You can check out the goodies on the right-hand side of the top menu bar under “beerbecue swag”.


10 thoughts on “Extra Strength Tylenol Cold – Sore Throat…and Unrelated T-Shirt/Apron Giveaway

  1. This reminds me of the time I reviewed Windex (conditionally recommend–only if you are already blind and there are no other spirits in the house).
    I kind of want to win the shirt, but do you have my size?

  2. A giveaway for this crappy site, really!?! You have crossed a line of ridiculousness. Thank you for the tips regarding cutting ribs, but enough with the thesauratic descriptions of your douche beers and other assorted “hilarity”.

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