Beerbecue Swag Drawing: The China Syndrome

We have the results of the drawing for beerbecue swag. In the case of a nuclear reactor, the China Syndrome foretells a core meltdown burning through the containment vessel and not stopping until it reaches the popularly perceived antipode of the US: China. Of course, the actual antipode for most of the U.S. is the Indian Ocean. Specifically, my current location would actually result in the “Indian Ocean, Off the Southwest Coast of Australia Syndrome”, but that’s a little unwieldy. So, in the case of a beerbecue swag contest, the China Syndrome must predict that the winner will be on the (perceived) opposite side of the globe.

There were 20 entries. And I had my daughter blindly draw a name.

This is my reaction to having to send the swag to the winner, Fred, in Hong Kong. The Haybag suggested I limit the next contest to U.S. shipping addresses. She is a bit of an isolationist, though. And Fred has graciously instructed me to send his beerbecue apron to his mother for inclusion in a future care package. Thanks, Fred!

While I wasn’t looking, my daughter quickly plucked another name from the bowl and proclaimed, “This guy gets second place.” How can I argue with that? So, Mark from Kaedrin Beer Blog can have a second place beerbecue coozie, if he wants it.

Then, in a cost savings measure, I promptly removed the bowl before she could declare the third, fourth, fifth…….and, eventually, twentieth place winner.

Thanks for entering. I think we will have some more contests in the future (like captions, or some fun crap like that). And I’m excited to announce that on Friday, beerbecue’s first video post is going live. Advance screenings have yielded such comments as: “That didn’t suck as much as I thought it would.” & “It wasn’t bad.” I smell an Oscar!


6 thoughts on “Beerbecue Swag Drawing: The China Syndrome

    • We’ll see about brave. My brother, who is in the Navy and served in Afghanistan, has said that whether something is brave or stupid is often properly a results-based assessment. 🙂

  1. Huzzah! Silver medal! Looking forward to the video as well. I can’t say as though I’d ever do anything like that, but good luck:)

    • Email me the address to which you want me to send your spoils. Unfortunately, I don’t think the coozies are compatible with Firestone Walker XV bombers.

      We’ll see how the video goes over. My advance screening critics have given it the OK for posting (the standard being: Is this video at least moderately humorous and not completely awful). We’ll see about future videos… I can safely say I won’t be doing any video beer reviews.

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