The Session #63: The Beer Moment

This month’s installment of the Session is hosted by Pete Brown, a beer author of such distinction that his blog’s moniker is simply his name. The rest of us schmucks have to come up with a clever play on words.

This month’s topic is: The Beer Moment. This is a rather introspective topic, which will no doubt inspire some rather eloquent navel-gazing. Unfortunately, I am neither eloquent nor capable of serious introspection. Therefore, I made beerbecue’s first short film. I shall call it “Une Bière Andalou: The Beer Moment”.

Bonus points for anyone who finds the 3 Easter Eggs/editing snafus.

Me                    As Myself
Daughter          As Herself

Written, Directed & Produced by:
Me and the Haybag


20 thoughts on “The Session #63: The Beer Moment

  1. Mad, mad, standing O over here! That was awesome! But you should have heeded WC Fields. Don’t work with kids. They’ll upstage you every time. Six Point is currently running a photo contest for photos of their nano-kegs (yeah that’s what their calling their cans) in different locations around the world. But I think your vid blows that concept out of the water. Has the studio ordered a sequel yet?

    • Thanks, man. It was fun, and it was fairly well-received. I may do more. We’ll see. I think my acting skills (or rather lack thereof) were stretched to the limit on this one. And my daughter is not an easy actress to deal with. I might have to get the Haybag involved…put her skills in front of the camera to good use (she was a broadcast journalism major).

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