Tröegs Flying Mouflan: The Slaying of the Flying Mouflanwocky

Next up, Tröegs Flying Mouflan Barleywine:

Flying Mouflan is a 100 IBU Barleywine from Tröegs. I don’t know what a regular Mouflan is, but much like adding wings to a monkey, the flying version is undoubtedly better…and scarier, which inspired me to rip off Lewis Carroll one more time:

The Slaying of the Flying Mouflanwocky

Beware the Flying Mouflan, son!
The hops that bite, the malt divine!
Beware the boozeheat, but don’t shun
This frumious Barleywine.

The vorpal churchkey in my hand,
Released the hop-malt foe I sought.
I served this beer, with the Haybag near.
What evil hath I wrought?

Mahog’ny with tan head it poured.
And hops? Herbcitruspine up in here.
Lush candied darkfruit left us floored,
And a smidge-hint of root beer?!

One two! One two! Singed candy and hop
Till hop and candy merge as one.
Swiftly left dead, scarce lace from the head,
The Mouflan’s quickly done.

“And, has thou slain the Mouflan, son?
(With one chained in the cellar reserved.)”
My patience weak, I give it one week,
‘Till the other Mouflan’s served.

Fear not the Flying Mouflan, son!
The hops that bite, the malt divine!
Fear not the heat, drink one, age one:
This frumious Barleywine.

The Haybag: <Eye roll> Are we going to have to start paying Alice in Wonderland royalties? I like how Tröegs, more than a lot of other breweries, manages to make malt and hop character harmoniously combine. I will be interested to see how the Mouflan ages.

Update: By coincidence, fellow beer blogger Kaedrin Beer Blog reviewed Flying Mouflan today. He does good reviews. Check it out.


12 thoughts on “Tröegs Flying Mouflan: The Slaying of the Flying Mouflanwocky

  1. I believe this is your second review to take a poetic verse. I enjoy the creativity, and I am actually interested in trying this beer despite it being a barleywine. I can only handle so much barleywine, but the bottle looks small enough to enjoy in one sitting. Nice review!

    • Thanks. It is good. The poetic verse really did not give justice to the complexity of the malt. And it’s not too cloying or heavy like some barleywines…although I do generally like barleywines.

  2. I believe Alice in Wonderland/Through The Looking Glass are in the public domain, so I think you’re in the clear.

    Also, I had this beer this past weekend and thought it was pretty darn good…

  3. Forget Whitman, Frost, and Poe! If my old English teacher would have introduced beerbecue to us, I might have got an A in the class!

    Well played, sir. Well played!

    • Thanks.

      Mandatory beer/bbq literature classes! In High School, I got a D in sophomore English class. I probably would have done better had beer and bbq been incorporated…Although, if I remember correctly, I probably got a D partly because of beer. Nah, it’s still a good idea.

  4. Suggest to cellar one for at least 9 months to see the hop fade and the malt fly. A fantastic beer fresh or cellared.

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