The Session #65: Top 5 Reasons to Drink Alone

This month’s installment of the Session is hosted by Nate Dawg at Booze, Beats & Bites. Apparently, the topic is: Drinking alone at the pub. However, after first reading the announcement and thinking about a post for a couple days, in my head it became drinking alone, in general. Oops. Oh well, might as well play to the English-held stereotype that Americans have no pub culture.

I have to say, this struck me as a potentially depressing topic; but as with most things in life, I managed to not take it seriously. So, without further adieu, I give you: The Top 5 Reasons to Drink Alone.

NOTE: Yes, I know what the Green Day song in the background is really about. Also, in fairness, I ripped off the boozing teddy bear idea from one of my favorite blogs: liquorstorebear.


30 thoughts on “The Session #65: Top 5 Reasons to Drink Alone

  1. Too funny & this what I’ve beer saying to my friends!! I HAD to share this! Now I don’t feel so alone!

  2. Well done! I really felt sympathy for the Koala character. Great directing job getting that depth of emotion from him. And points for not going the obvious (and cliche) George Thorogood direction on the music.

    As for your assignment. I think you did the right thing as the original premise was flawed from the git-go. I’m sure someone would point out that with it’s over abundance of beer culture seeping from it’s walls, that it’s technically impossible to drink alone in an English pub. That only happens in American bars filled with unknowledgable, fad driven American “craft” beer drinkers.

    • Yeah, I thought the Green Day song fit much better with the tempo of the video. I was thinking the same thing, though. I felt like I couldn’t use the George Thorogood song, but because of its ubiquity, I couldn’t get it out of my head when trying to think of other songs.

      And don’t feel sorry for that mangy koala, he was trying to take what was rightfully mine!

    • I saw you mention it once. I looked at it and was confused. I’m easily confused, though. I will check it out again. I was just worried that if I became part of a tribe I would have to wear a yarmulke.

    • Thanks. I drew the pig and turned him into a graphic. Then I had the readers name him. So now Snouty “Chet” McSnouty is the proud beerbecue mascot. Thanks for dropping by!

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