Self-Basting Ribs: Beware the moral pitfalls and soul-wracking guilt of self-basting

For some this lesson may go without saying. It probably should have for me. Self-basting ribs: Ribs that come injected with a briny concoction.

Now, some people brine their ribs. That’s fine. But I think spare ribs have plenty of fat to come out juicy and yummy without it. Therefore, I don’t brine ribs, and I don’t buy “self-basting” or “flavor enhanced” ribs.

For whatever reason, however, you may someday end up with self-basting ribs (maybe they’re the only ribs available or you’re in a hurry or you’re distracted by your 4-year-old throwing ribeyes into her shopper-in-training cart and loudly proclaiming that she only eats Harris Teeter steaks). If you do end up with them, then cut the salt from your dry rub! That shit will be salty enough already.

Ultimately, they ended up tasty. Although, I am pretty tolerant to salty food. Unfortunately, the combination of sodium and the humidity and ball-busting heat of the weekend made it a little hard to remove my jewelry for the next few days.

Next BBQ will likely be in August. I am going to try to come up with a new rub that is a little less zippy and that has some ginger in it. I am open to suggestions. Now excuse me while I go pry off my bling.


8 thoughts on “Self-Basting Ribs: Beware the moral pitfalls and soul-wracking guilt of self-basting

  1. would never even thought to brine ribs….
    and can’t stand self-brining or ‘injected’ with anything that is so common in the supermarkets. Texture is always so off!

    • I even saw a local BBQ restaurant, Smoke & Barrel, that was doing a rib class, and part of their instruction was in brining ribs. I was like wha? I had never heard of it before that.
      And you’re right. It’s already real pain to find good (not outrageously priced) spare ribs around here, nevermind that half the ones you find have been “enhanced”.

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