Mr. President, It’s Time To Release Your Records

We try to keep it apolitical here at beerbecue. My job requires it, and I would hate to alienate a portion of my readership with partisan rants. However, I can no longer stand idly by through continued stonewalling under thinly-veiled claims of executive privilege (or, perhaps in some instances, with no explanation whatsoever).

The hypocrisy is sickening. The President continues to demand his opponent release more tax returns, while keeping under lock-and-key information that We the People of the United States deserve. Indeed, this information may be vital for some in their decision-making process this November. This has gone on for far too long, and I can remain silent no longer.

Of course, I am talking about the White House beer recipes for White House Honey Ale, White House Honey Blonde Ale, and White House Honey Porter. The White House must release the recipes.

Unfortunately, a FOIA request may not be successful. I don’t think the White House is generally subject to FOIA. Therefore, this must be something released on the President’s own volition, perhaps after a deep examination of his conscience.

But really, the decision should be easy. The President ran on a platform of increased transparency. And there is really no reason to keep it secret. The brewer can’t possibly consider marketing the beer to make money during or after Obama’s Presidency. This isn’t the UK where there is money made on products by Royal Warrant of the Monarchy. Besides, the White House is the People’s House, and by extension the White House beers are the People’s Beers.

Sign the petition to release the recipes!


9 thoughts on “Mr. President, It’s Time To Release Your Records

  1. Thanks for posting this! And thank you also not making any assertions about oompa-loopa’s in the process of posting this (at least not visible to the readers…what you do in the privacy of, um, wherever you are is up to you).

    • Get out your pitchforks and torches! (Note to Secret Service: I am joking. I don’t even own a pitchfork or torch. And even if I did, I would not use it in petitioning the Government for a redress of grievances, or otherwise.)

      • “Earlier today a man was killed by secret service agents when he attacked the President with a pitchfork. Apparently he didn’t count on the agents having guns. Let that be a lesson to you folks.”

    • Thanks! One of my wife’s co-workers (who reads the blog) alerted me to the petition. It seems like a reasonable request. And it afforded me the opportunity to engage in a little benign, political jokery.

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