Name My Baby Contest and My New Guest Posting Gig

Good news. Bad news. So, apparently the ultrasound tech did not find male junk. That means we are having a girl, which is cool, in part, because we have a shit-ton of girl stuff in the attic. Unfortunately though, this is bad news for the Name My Baby Contest. I only had naming rights if the baby was a boy. The Haybag has the naming rights for any girl issue, and she is apparently unwilling to relinquish those rights for a blog contest. I guess she has a couple names picked out already. I know. Totally selfish.

Also, I have been guest posting every Friday over at the Sport-Glutton. Every Friday, the Glutton posts a preview for a particular NFL game, and I contribute a short, beerbecue-style beer review that is related (sometimes tenuously) to the match-up. So, head on over to the Friday Football Fix. The Sports-Glutton is a one-stop shop for sports, booze, food, and general hilarity.

Lastly, I will have a new review up on Monday morning: Cisco Brewer’s Monomoy Kriek. After all, this is a beer review site…of sorts.


12 thoughts on “Name My Baby Contest and My New Guest Posting Gig

  1. I was just looking at my site last night and thinking I need to start hitting the reviews again.
    As far as the name the baby contest, is there some kind of blog discrimination going on? If you wrote a pediatric blog and we were all Doctors would she consider it? Is she hating on the beer crew (don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame her)?

  2. What about a “Give the baby her pre-birth nickname contest”? We’ve already named our non-existent future baby “Stamey Flapjack” in honor of Stamey’s BBQ in Greensboro, NC, and a Colbert segment about the names of Mitt Romney’s kids. It’s good…every future baby needs a goofy nickname, right? Congrats – if she is anything like your first, I imagine the hilarity will be compounded! I’m still laughing about that Care Bear picture.

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