Beer Review: Boulevard Brewing Dark Truth Stout

Next up, Boulevard Brewing’s Dark Truth Stout:

Thank you to dangermenparenting for leaving this in my fridge (along with 2 apparently “extra cold” Coors Lights). If only all our dark truths were this good.

#1 Lakers fan, Jack Nicholson, would probably agree. He discovered his dark truth in a 1974 Time magazine interview. The interviewer dropped a bomb and revealed to Jack that his sister was actually his mother. Fortunately for Jack, it wasn’t the “your sister is your momma, too” sort of thing; rather it was the “Mom…Dad, I want to pursue my career as a dancer can you please raise little Jackie as your own” sort of thing.

Funny, usually with the Lakers it’s paternity questions.

Of course, it is widely-claimed that Walt Disney was a closet anti-Semite and a Nazi-sympathizer. Others claim his dirty little dark truth was that he was just generally racist. No way. That’s crazy, right?

Some see racism. I see Disney at the vanguard of interracial dating.

Oh, c’mon. They’re crows. And Jim is a pretty common name.

Ummmm. What the…

It pours like a hefty stout, but not like all crazy viscous. And it’s dark as…the truth, I guess. The head is persistently frothy and is dark khaki with darker swirling highlights when you give the glass a pretentious whirl. It smells like the usual suspects: Chocolate, cream, and coffee. But there’s something else that’s almost like what you might smell in a red wine that has some big time hints of plum and chocolate. Maybe it’s the Belgian yeast, because it has a certain deep fruitiness to it, like a very philosophical discussion with Liberace. It tastes very roasty with big notes of chocolate, coffee, and char. Sometimes it even has a singed chocolate and brown sugar thing going on. Even some hop character makes an occasional cameo. Finally, it’s big, but it doesn’t finish really sweet…more roasty and smokey.

This stuff is good. If they had a baller barrel-aged version of this, to get it I would do any number of the imbecilic things that Bruno Mars claims he would do for ya (even though you won’t do the same).

The Haybag (from her shotglass-sized pregnancy portion): It’s good. It reminds me of something.

(Something tells me that the Haybag’s isn’t giving me her full effort lately. Doctor sanctioned third trimester boozing can’t get here fast enough.)


7 thoughts on “Beer Review: Boulevard Brewing Dark Truth Stout

  1. I did not know that about Jack Nicholson. That’s pretty awesome.

    My dark truth: I have two cans of miller lite in the fridge. Of course, they’ve been there for, like, 3 years, but still. Shocking.

    And let’s mark down Dark Truth as yet another stout I want to try sometime. Jeeze, there are so many.

    • Oooh, aged Miller Lite. That’s OK, while BBQing the other day, I drank one of the Coors Lights left in my fridge.

      I have been pleased with every Boulevard Smokestack beer I’ve had so far, with the exception of Double Wide. And even that was OK.

      • I maintain that those macro beers are fine in certain situations, but I can’t really bring myself to drink them when I have so much good beer sitting around.

        Totally agree on Double Wide. It was fine, but nothing particularly special. Other Smokestack beers seem to be pretty great though.

    • I think you can get it at Rick’s, Arrowine, or Total Wine. They conveniently come in bombers and 12 oz.ers, which is nice because sometimes hitting a whole bomber isn’t convenient…like at breakfast.

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