The Session #72: How We Love Beer

sessionThis month’s installment of the Session is hosted by Ryan at Montana Beer Finder. The topic is: What do we do to show our love for beer?

Those who regularly read beerbecue know that the Haybag and I are doing our part to contribute to the continued solvency of the Social Security system by having daughter #2. Thus, beer will probably be feeling a little neglected. Oh, I’ll still be drinking, mind you. In fact, I don’t know how anyone could get through parenting without drinking. But because babies are a real time suck, there just won’t be as much time to devote to all things beer. Hopefully with a little reassuring, beer will understand…

Music by The Pixies


16 thoughts on “The Session #72: How We Love Beer

  1. me also, RE, kid part deux super Beer & Qman. March – Beer is a bit upset with me right now also, but I look forward to talking it out for a few hours and hopefully we will have the issue resolved by Super Bowl.

  2. I’m right there with you. We just had kid #2 in November. Before the birth I hosted a “bring diapers” tasting where we opened a dozen beers from my cellar, and in return I netted over 600 diapers (which, of course, we ran out of weeks ago!)

    • That’s brilliant, but it’s sad that 600 diapers doesn’t take one further. Just one more thing that I forgot about babies that I was rudely reminded of after it was too late. It must be an evolutionary thing that makes us forget this stuff.

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