Beerbecue +1: The Great Penino

Beerbecue added another girl to the brood last Monday. I am now outnumbered 3-1 (4-1 if you count the dog). Hopefully, this is a valid excuse for my absence. Daughter 2.0 is big at 22 inches and a shade under 9 lbs. (It’s no wonder the diminutive Haybag could no longer breathe near the end.) She is as “spirited” as daughter 1.0 (and what I imagine the Haybag to have been in her earliest years).

But excuses are like elbows: Everybody has them, and it’s physically impossible to lick them. So, a review of Maine Beer Company’s King Titus Porter and some edgy, bi-curious gorilla comedy will be posted on Monday.

Until then, I leave you with a picture of daughter 2.0 and her Doppelgänger (Paulie Penino from Rocky):

Paulie Perinno


15 thoughts on “Beerbecue +1: The Great Penino

  1. Dude, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome is that, and congrats to the Haybag and daughter 1.0 as well. Nine pounds is damn fine. You don’t produce nine-pounders unless you’re confining yourself to teeny shot glasses when you sample your beer. Ahhhhhh! Time for the pint glasses.

    • Thanks! She is easing her way back into it. Her taste buds are a little wonky right now for some reason (they were a little wonky for awhile after daughter 1.0, too…especially with hops). I guess the Dogfish Head 120 Minute I have tucked away for her will have to wait a bit longer.

    • Thanks! Luckily, I am remarkably good at falling back asleep, even after performing relatively complex tasks. It’s still interrupted sleep, I guess, but I’m not too exhausted…yet.

    • Sadly, our place is pretty old and only has one bathroom. I am resigned to being the biggest loser in this setup. Hopefully, we will be able to move before full-blown bathroom conflict ensues.

    • Thanks. She was definitely not comfortable. I think the worst part of carrying her around, though, was the 22 inches (which is nearly all torso). We both come from a long line of long-bellied people.

      Good luck to you. And here’s to an average-sized baby.

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