Beer Madness 2013: The Riesling Curse

I’m a little late with my post this week, but my recent free time and marital capital were spent on Beer Madness 2013. This year, dangermenparenting and I wrapped up the annual Beer Madness Tournament much faster than the 6 months it took last year. We even doubled the field to 16 (20 if you count the 4 play-in match-ups). How did we do this? More man-power. We enlisted the help of the Sports-Glutton and two other non-blogging friends. It was a good time.

I have a couple bones to pick beneath the pics, but I’ll leave the full rundown to dangermenparenting. You can take a looksie-peepsie at the final bracket here. And here is the lineup:2013-03-22 12.43.54

2013-03-22 12.43.40

2013-03-22 12.44.02

2013-03-22 12.44.07

2013-03-22 12.44.19

First of all, somehow Schlafly Kölsch beat He’Brew Schmaltz Lenny’s RIPA by a vote of 4-1. Inconceivable. The only reasonable explanation is rampant anti-semitism. The Schlafly is a well-made beer, but you could fall asleep drinking it. The RIPA, on the other hand, exemplifies the transcendence of the rye and hop union.

Second, Thomas Hooker Brewing’s Connecticut Barrel Series Saison made it to the finals. This overly sweet and under-carbonated saison (aged in wine barrels) never should have made it past the first round match-up with Ommegang Hennepin. I hadn’t had a Hennepin in awhile, but I was reminded how great a beer it is, particularly its yeast character. Conversely, the common compliment about the Hooker Saison was that it tasted remarkably like a Riesling. Actually, everyone else repeatedly gushed over this characteristic.

When has “tastes like a Riesling” ever been a positive beer characteristic, particularly at an event called Beer Madness (hosted in a basement in front of 92 total inches of flat-screen college basketball coverage)? Wait. Actually, I do know someone else who would like a beer that tasted like Riesling…this lady:

She's laughing AT you.

She’s laughing AT you.

My mother-in-law. In fact, her Facebook timeline reminds me that she drinks Riesling while enjoying Dancing With The Stars…followed-up with a spot of chocovine. Now, I had to duck out of Beer Madness right after the final tasting, but I can only assume this is also what happened in my absence with this Riesling-sipping crowd.

Here’s to a Riesling-free Beer Madness 2014.


12 thoughts on “Beer Madness 2013: The Riesling Curse

  1. “tastes like a Riesling”? I think for next year’s beer madness you should ask your MiL if you can borrow six of those glasses she’s holding in her hand and force everyone to use them as punishment. Blue hats are optional. Oh, and I love the stuffed animals laying around, especially the beer on the back of the chair in the final picture who looks like he’s desperately trying to hone in on the fun.

  2. No question about the rampant anti-semetism. It snuck into your Beer Madness tourney and its going to bring down Aunt Annie unless she stops putting cheese in her pretzel dogs. He’Brew Bittersweet Lenny’s RIPA is my favorite in their lineup, by far.

    Great post – some questionable officiating but all of that’s craft beer under the bridge (wait, maybe not the best image) after the glorious pic of your riesling-addled M-I-L and the shocking revelation that you have 92″ of Tourney flat screens in your tasting facility.


  3. So they chose the beer that tasted the most like wine as the winner? Of the beer tournament? I mean, I suppose some sours have winelike character, but Riesling? Yikes. Still, I admire the gusto of a 16-20 beer bracket, so Riesling notes aside, nice job. Sounds like a blast.

    • Thanks. It was a good time. Interestingly, after reading some of the other posts and comments from the other guys, there seems to be a bit of disavowing the Riesling Saison. It’s like a bear trap ugly gal. The next morning, everyone’s chewing their arm off to escape.

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  5. Funny how no one complains when a beer displays aspects of bourbon, but heaven forbid a beer displays flavors of a wine because of aging in wine barrels.

    Seriously though funny stuff as always Mr. BQ and I’m already looking forward to next year. Now where are my rauch biers!!?? 🙂

    • I’m actually fine with red wine characteristics (Allagash Interlude being an awesome recent example for me). Perhaps, I could imagine an instance where white wine would be fine, too, as long as it didn’t conflict with the hyperbole of my blog and my need for masculine posturing. And besides, bourbon is manlier and more inherently American. 🙂

      I’m looking forward to it, too. Hopefully, next year will be a little less crazy for me with daughter 2.0 at 1 year. And we will have to keep pressure on dangermenparenting…it seems that he thought that 20 beers was teetering on the edge of too much. Poppycock!

      PS, If you can get your hands on Interlude, get it.

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