The Session #74: Finding Beer Balance – Is this an intervention?

sessionThis month’s installment of the Session is hosted by Bryan at This Is Why I’m Drunk. The topic is “Finding Beer Balance”. The topic suggests that there is perhaps more to life than beer. While I find Bryan’s premise shaky, I’ll play along.

Actually, after giving it some thought, there are a number of facets of my life that I am constantly seeking to balance with my love for beer. Personal hygiene, nutritional, recreational, parenthood…just to name a few. However, this may be best demonstrated in video format. So, I give you: Beer-Life Balance (with musical accompaniment from the White Stripes).


27 thoughts on “The Session #74: Finding Beer Balance – Is this an intervention?

  1. From what I’ve read in your other posts and from the clear pattern emerging in the comments already posted here, I have a suspicion that I’m going to like it. Unfortunately, I’m not going to have a chance to view the video until later tonight.

    Oh, and I assume there’s a rule embedded in that video requiring comments to be limited to 1 word. This one (pun not necessarily intended) doesn’t count because I’m not actuallt commenting on the video. Yet.


  2. Very good. Best of the Session posts I think I’ve seen so far. You don’t mind if I tweet this out … do you?

    • Achieving production value like this is way more time consuming than typing. 😉 Joking aside, doing a video every once in awhile is a nice change of pace. Ultimately, I think it takes up more time, but shooting video and editing definitely can be more fun than typing.

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