The Session #76: Compulsion – But I’m just getting one bottle, dear…

sessionThis month’s installment of the Session is hosted by Glen at Beer Is Your Friend. The topic is: Compulsion.

You’re at the beer store. You see beer you want. The fridge is already full. What do you do? Buy it, of course. One might ask: Why? Or what the eff are you doing at the beer store in the first place if the fridge is full? Well, maybe one shouldn’t be so judgy.

Incapable of a serious self-examination of my personal shortcomings, I made another video. Special thanks to Nick at Arrowine and Cheese in Arlington for letting me film in the store. Now, with a little help from Wolfmother, I give you “But I’m Just Getting One Bottle, Dear…


26 thoughts on “The Session #76: Compulsion – But I’m just getting one bottle, dear…

    • I was somewhat thrifty (I ended up $30 shy of my standard damages). Heavy Seas Holy Sheet, Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere, Port City Downright Pilsner, New Belgium Pluot, Terrapin Maggie Peach Farmhouse, and FW Double Jack. Not pictured: Pre-ordered Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzar and Mazarin. I almost pre-ordered some Hoften Dormaal barrel aged stuff. That could have seriously boosted the bottom line.

  1. I’m a lucky man. I walked into the store the other day to buy beer for one of these 6 pack projects. On the way in my girlfriend said “hey, if they have some banana bread beer get it for me”. I was able to flip the script when I came out and actually get on her for wanting the most expensive bottle!

  2. You now you’re in trouble when you tell your significant other (or just yourself) that you’re only going in for one bottle (or six pack), but you still grab a shopping cart on the way into the store anyway. Great vid as always.

    • Thanks! The actual walk time from the car to store is about 30 seconds, which is more than enough time for me to ex post facto decide to buy more. Thus, at the time of the phone call, I merely made a present statement of future intent. Thus, no lie. 🙂

  3. I’ve never had enough space to buy much beer. But we just got a new house and I’ve claimed a space as a beer cellar! Finally I can do a few shopping sprees and have a place for the beer. Great video! And great music!

    • Nice. I’m looking forward to sizing up. More storage and perhaps even enough space to start homebrewing again.

      Thanks! And I agree…that song is pretty badass. I left the guitar solo out, for fear it would melt too many faces.

  4. Great video. But why bother to go to the store for just one? It’s a waste of gas. Always stock up, it’s the environmentally friendly thing to do. And in the case of zombie apocalypse (just watched all of season 1 of Walking Dead again last night) you are well prepared. Great beer selection!

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    • Nice. Give it a shot. If you get it right I will give you two beers (any consideration shall be made concurrently with, and not in addition to, any other lost wagers with Sports Glutton).

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