A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ – Let’s get Swayze Crazy

Next up, Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ from Lagunitas:

little sumpin

Lagunitas departs from their standard labeling convention (words-only, a big censor bar over naughty words, or a barn in disrepair) and goes with some retro pin-up art. It harkens back to US military nose cone artwork before it was banned in 1993. With women flying combat missions, it seemed the right choice; especially considering an equitable alternative: A scantily-clad Channing Tatum reclining seductively on the fuselage of a female-commanded plane. Fortunately, all nose cone artwork in the US military must now be gender neutral.

But it’s part of our history. And sure, we see all the classic nose cone artwork from WWII planes: Memphis Belle, Lucky Lady… But lost to history are the regrettable choices. Unfortunately, they’re hidden from view or painted over, like the tramp stamp of the aviation community. But they, too, tell a historically significant tale. For example, not well known is that the Enola Gay was not always so blandly adorned:

swayze nose art

Nobody puts Little Boy in the corner.

And much like tattoos, some nose art is a bad idea to begin with. However, it grows even more unfortunate as the wanton cruelty of old-age has its way. Classic warping and sagging is depicted in this B25.

What were you thinking?!

What were you thinking?!

Of course, there are also the unfortunate miscommunications…

You idiot. I said paint some hot NOSE cone artwork!

“You idiot. I said paint me some ‘hot NOSE cone artwork’!”

Lagunitas describes A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ as a pale wheat ale. It’s brewed with 50 percent wheat, but it’s hopped like an IPA (the dry-hop includes Cascade, Centennial, Simcoe, Chinook, Amarillo, and Columbus).

It pours clear gold, with a big, white fluffy head that leaves lace strewn about like a high-speed doily delivery truck accident. First smell is like apricots and peaches, then citrus, then dank hop oil and resin, and later a floral quality. A little something for all the hopheads. The taste is citrusy and resiny with a grainy wheat sweetness peeking in (contrast with the usual malty, biscuit, or caramel backbone in a non-wheat pale ale or IPA). It finishes not as bitter as one would think with its hopping schedule and 64 IBUs. Actually, had they made it really bitter, it would probably defeat the purpose of all that wheat. As it stands, though, the hop aroma and flavor and wheat dominated malt bill combine to make a pretty smooth beer.

The Haybag: Why the the hell is Patrick Swayze’s torso on a horse? I don’t get it. And don’t you think it’s a little tacky to make jokes about the recently-deceased. You owe me and Swayze. Pour me some Sumpin’ Sumpin’ and put on Dirty Dancing.


14 thoughts on “A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ – Let’s get Swayze Crazy

  1. Yes yes! This beer is definitely tasty. Haven’t had it this year, but I do love it. I just had Southern Tier’s HopSun the other day. Also quite tasty and I loved the subtle hoppiness of it all. Perhaps a side by side tasting is in order.

  2. At least they took the Chippendale’s Swayze image. Granted, it probably would’ve struck a little more fear into enemies if it were Chris Farley instead.

  3. Now I’m wondering how Centaur Swayze would dance. Would be it be like dressage? That would be a movie I’d watch… maybe… I never watched Dirty Dancing, so maybe not…

    • You’re a lucky man. I have seen every version possible (director commentary, vh1-style pop-up trivia, etc) because the Haybag is obsessed with it. I still owe you some beer places in the area. I’ll try to email it to ya.

      • Sure thing, not a huge rush, I’ve still got a few months before I’m properly settled. Looking forward to hearing how to get drunk down there.

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