Candy Crush, DC Beer Week, and Port City Maniacal Double IPA

Next up, Port City Brewing’s Maniacal Double IPA:


Apologies for my recent absence. I blame Candy Crush. I downloaded it for daughter 1.0 to play, but fell victim to its sick, sweet charms. I’m just like little whacked-out Tiffi following Mr. Toffee’s dubious charges and his trail of candy, which no doubt leads to a creepy, windowless van.

candy crush

Screw you right in the monocle, candy man!

Of course, like any astute crack dealer, Mr. Toffee knows he’s got you hooked.  When you run out of lives, your only option is to wait 10-20 minutes, pay for more lives, or reveal your problem to Facebook. Or, if you’re like me, you have descended so far down the deep, dark, spiraling Candy Crush hole, that you shamefully moved the date forward in the settings on your iPad to trick Mr. Toffee into thinking you patiently waited for more lives. And as you smugly admire your self-mastery, looking down your nose at the addicts who fork over money or plead to Facebook, you are missing important dates and family obligations because your iPad thinks it’s 3 days ahead of time. Then when you do remember to reset the date, Mr. Toffee cruelly reminds you just how sick you’ve become.

photo (2)

3748 more minutes of self-loathing.

Maniacal pours a beautiful golden-orange with a classic, fluffy white IPA head that presents more lace than a 16th century assisted living facility. The nose brings bright grapefruit, rich citrus, pine, and a little malt. The CTZ, Chinook, and Simcoe hops bring some seriously rich hop flavor – citrus, resin, pot, passion fruit, and peach – with a sweet malt backbone. It is a sweet IPA up front, but not overly so. And often IPAs with Chinook hops can be brutally bitter, but the finish on Maniacal isn’t at all brutal…in fact, it’s a pretty clean and pleasant bitterness. It has a slightly creamy feel, which I like in my double IPAs, but it avoids being excessively big. It’s a very nice IIPA.

I had Maniacal earlier this year. I very classily took some to the playground in the stroller’s drink holder. Fortunately, as part of DC Beer Week, Port City is trotting it back out at the brewery. As a bonus, Port City will be open all week, with a different event each night. Go get you some.

The Haybag: Ohhh, well look who put down Candy Crush long enough to write a post. How about you be a dear and go grab some Maniacal, too, while you’re at it?


21 thoughts on “Candy Crush, DC Beer Week, and Port City Maniacal Double IPA

  1. Port City is becoming one of my breweries to watch. I’ve bumped into them several times, and really enjoyed what I’ve had. So when you drank the Maniacal did you hear the “MMMMMMM, Tasty!”, from Candy Crush in your mind?

  2. I’m seeing my friends become hopelessly addicted to this game. It’s like that time on Star Trek: TNG when those aliens tried to take over the Enterprise by getting everyone addicted to that game. In that scenario, I’m a teen-aged Wesley Crusher. And frankly, I’m going to real bummed if I have to save my “Enterprise” as Wesley Crusher. Just sayin’…

      • You should know after all the beer buzz about Stone’s w00t stout, which features Wil Wheaton (actor behind Wesley Crusher) as one of the collaborators. He’s a geek icon and a major home brewer/beer geek to boot. It wasn’t one of the best TNG episodes, but enjoyable none the less.

      • Aha! I just realized what TNG stands for. Also, I had w00tstout last night. It was so good, I wasn’t even annoyed by Koch’s usual ramblings on the back of the bottle. And I looked up Wil Wheaton on google images last night. So I actually do know what Wesley Crusher looks like. I’m virtually a Trekkie new.

  3. The beer sounds yummy and you have admitted you have a problem. Beer is definitely not the problem but then again you could make a candy flavored beer. Might be an option! Peppermint Mocha Stout comes to mind!

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