Shotgunning Stillwater Classique: Pee-Wee, Get My Gun

Next up, Stillwater Classique:


This Summer, I have been on a search for an everyday beer. While the Haybag might disagree, it’s not like you can always drink beers that are so big they leave their shirt on at the pool. And ticking something new every day can get tiresome.

My go-to shall be interesting, but not an attention whore. It shall be enjoyable, yet easy to shotgun. It shall not leave me wishing for something else. It shall be conducive to multiple beverages while tending to the smoker in the Summer or watching Notre Dame disappoint me in the Fall, but also just drinking one with lunch or dinner…or breakfast…or mid-morning snack.

I think I have found that beer in Classique. And I suspect that’s what Brian Strumke intended. Mr. Strumke took the building blocks of post-Prohibition American adjunct lager (including pilsner malt, corn, and rice) and tweaked it with Cluster, Northern Brewer, Saaz, and Cascade hops, and a farmhouse yeast strain to create one of the most drinkable, yet interesting, beers I’ve had in a long time.

It pours a slightly hazy straw color, with a persistent and foamy white head that leaves some lace. It smells like pilsner malt, light and lemony citrus, and the tell-tale phenolic and floral quality of Stillwater yeast (to me, it smells like distant cloves and fresh lilies). The taste follows the nose with the addition of some grassiness, some apples, and maybe very occasional bananas. And it finishes pretty dry and snappy.

All of this is very subtle, though. And while this is a beer that can be contemplated as such, it is also very conducive to pounding…or perhaps shotgunning. So, enough over-thinking this beer. Let’s break out the T-Model Ford album (Pee Wee Get My Gun) and get to it:

The Haybag: So this is how you spend your time while I’m at the grocery store and 2.0 is napping. Interesting.


20 thoughts on “Shotgunning Stillwater Classique: Pee-Wee, Get My Gun

  1. I laughed out loud.

    It is nice to see the refined, smooth way to shotgun a beer, as I’m used to the “jam something pointy into the can, have it spray all over you, then burp loudly and slam the can on your head when you’re done” variation.

    • Thanks. I shoot for the LOLs. I think craft beer requires a more genteel shotgunning technique. Although, had the thumb shotgun maneuver worked, there would have been some spraying…and maybe blood. I tried.

  2. I’m sure Mr Strumke never thought during all his travels abroad learning the tricks to produce his stellar beer, that one day someone would be shotgunning one out of a can. But then again, he probably never banked on you. I definitely must try this beer. But sans-shotgun.

  3. I respect the simplicity of the shotgun approach. It allows you to quickly drink a beer when no one is looking like at a school play, or a brunch with Santa. However, my preferred method of gravitationally enhanced beer consumption is the Chuggler. ( Feel free to kick the tires on it the next time you are over….

      • I procured my Chuggler at @OKinDC’s bachelor party in New Orleans. I still blow the dust off it every once in a while….

    • Thanks. The Haybag won’t let me get a gun, so the camping knife will have to do. I’ve torn through 3 six packs of this stuff already. Although 3 cans were given to the babysitter for services rendered. (The babysitter is a friend from my office and his wife, so it’s not as sketchy as it sounds.)

  4. OMFG! That was awesome and impressively graceful considering that you were “shotgunning a beer”. I would have either had the can spraying beer all over me, or I would have puked while trying to drink it as fast as I can. Ya got skills! Though I have yet to decide if these are skills worth mentioning to people. Your secret is safe with us!

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