Victory DirtWolf: Earth Day SodWolf

Next up, Victory DirtWolf Double IPA:


When looking for a new beerbecue HQ, one of the cool things about the HQ we bought was the 430 sq. ft. fenced-off garden in the back. That’s a lot of dirt.



The Haybag, perhaps seeing yet another object of preoccupation for me, immediately proclaimed it would be sodded over. I put up a half-hearted fight to keep it. Perhaps I was looking to mitigate capitalism’s further erosion of my humanity. Or maybe it was to remain in touch with my family’s farming roots. Most likely, however, it was to escape changing shitty diapers under the guise of a heavier landscaping/gardening workload and to hit the bottle of George Dickel Rye I stashed in the shed. Perfectly classless.

I see what you did there. Very funny.

“I see what you did there. Very funny.”

Eventually I relented. It’s 430 damn sq. ft., after all; and we’re moving from a townhome. I already have to buy a lawn mower, I don’t want to figure out squeezing a fucking Harvester combine into the family budget, too.

So, we had sod delivered on April 22nd (Earth Day). I laid it like the sod-laying boss that I am. 1.0 even came home after school to help. Then I proceeded to water the shit out of it.

Look like she's got it handled. Time for a beer.

Look like she’s got it handled. Time for a beer.

Now, environmentally, I’m a middle of the road guy, but the irony of doing this on Earth Day is not lost on me. So, proud to have imparted upon my issue my vast and generationally vital sod-laying knowledge, I was a little troubled to later find her drawing her “What you did for Earth Day” homework (with gleeful encouragement from the Earth-raping Haybag): A picture of her and daddy sodding over a large and once fertile garden and spraying enough water to lower the Chesapeake watershed mean high tide by several inches. I am a terrible person.

"One might say, classless."

“One might say, classless.”

It pours like it looks in the picture above, except imagine I used proper lighting and something other than a camera phone. It smells like a double IPA should: Dank and citrusy. And the taste doesn’t disappoint. But it’s less a “wolf among sheep” as the bottle claims. It’s more the wolf’s lazy, stoner cousin who wakes up at noon, drinks from his roommate’s carton of orange-grapefruit juice, puts it back in the fridge empty, decides to forego a shower to wallow in his earthiness, and fires off a fat spliff on the couch to play Call of Duty till nap time. I like it.

The Haybag: This was OK. The earthiness was a little too pronounced for me, but that’s a personal preference. Now, get the George Dickel bottle back in the house and make us some Manhattans.


6 thoughts on “Victory DirtWolf: Earth Day SodWolf

  1. Nice, I like that Victory has completely revamped their pale ale line over the course of the past few years, with the notable exception of HopDevil. This was a solid addition to their lineup, though I don’t know if I like it any better than the beer it replaced, Hop Wallop… Cheers!

    • I wasn’t even aware of that…although that would explain why I haven’t seen that goofy-looking fucker on the Hop Wallop label lately. Much appreciated. The beerbecue research department has been a little slack lately.

  2. I had this recently and found it, OK. But to be honest at that point my main goal was emptying the glass, not analyzing the beer. I don’t remember why at the moment, but I remember thinking, “don’t get in the way brain!”. So I’ll have to revisit.

    To bad about your dirt patch. I’d have cried the entire time I was sodding in an attempt to make the GF feel as horrible as possible (which would be not at all). I prefer to work a big garden like that until slowly, year after year through my laziness, and total under estimation of how much time it takes to work a garden that big, nature just finally takes it back. That’s how a real man does it!!

  3. It’s OK. I spent hours upon hours this year removing grass to make a patch of dirt, so I think between the two of us, it’s a net zero. No, not like the ISP from 1999.

    I liked DirtWolf quite a bit, but I was drinking it during a period of heavy mourning, so I can only speak to how it feels the morning after: burny and burpy.

    Glad you’re getting resettled. You should have all us drunks over for a beerbecue.

    • Thanks. You should try it again under happier circumstances. The first time I had it, a friend handed it to me to have with my lunch on a day I was playing hookie from work. Maybe that painted my initial perception.

      That would be pretty cool to have the beer bloggerati over. I’ll start working on warming the Haybag to the idea.

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