21st Amendment Brewery – Back in Black

It seems like all the kids are talking about Black IPAs. So, next up is 21st Amendment’s Back in Black.

21st Amendment stays true to its American history-themed labels, and this one is pretty badass. It depicts Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride on a hog. And you can’t tell from the dark pic, but you know Revere’s chopper had some totally sick, pewter, aftermarket bling.

But why the hell does Paul Revere get all the f-ing glory anyway? Of the three main  riders, he was the only dipshit to get caught. What about patriot and ladies man, Dr. Samuel Prescott? He met up with the other two, as he happened to be in Lexington on a colonial booty-call “returning from a lady friend’s house at the awkward hour of 1:00 A.M.”[1] When confronted by the British, he demonstrated that he could ride horses, too, escaped, and actually made it to Concord…where he presumably went to a bar, mingled with some ladies, and got some digits.

Calm down, ladies. There's enough of this beard to go around.

Or what about unassuming fatty, William Dawes? When confronted by the Brits, he bolted and shook them by tricking them into thinking they were being drawn into an ambush. Sure, he subsequently fell off his horse and had to walk all the way back to Lexington; but just to show how many fucks he didn’t give about life-and-limb, he walked all the way back just to pick up the watch he had dropped.

It's cool. I needed the exercise anyway.

Betraying the beer’s name slightly, it pours a very dark brown. It has a hefty tan head that recedes a bit, but hangs around and leaves a little lacing. The smell is of roasted malts, chocolate, and a citrusy and slightly earthy hop aroma. That may sound like an odd combo, but it’s nice. The taste is roasted malt, cocoa powder, occasional coffee, and maybe slight licorice, backed by a well-balanced hop flavor that is mostly ripe orange citrus, but also has hints of pine and earthiness. It finishes dry, with both roast and hops politely sharing the aftertaste.

I find many Black IPAs are too dry or too sweet, unbalanced, and a general mess. This one is not. I like it and will get it again.

The Haybag: I think you took some liberties, as it were, with history. I usually don’t like Black IPAs, but this one is good.

^1 John M. Murrin, et al., Liberty, Equality, Power: A History of the American People, Volume 1: To 1877 p. 160 (6th ed. 2011).