Beer Review: Ass Kisser Double IPA

Next up: Ass Kisser Double IPA. I like the name and the bottle.

Pours a slightly cloudy orange, or pale auburn.  Slight earthy malt smell, and barely any hop aroma. Double IPA Wha!? I check inside the bottle to make sure they didn’t go all Ramen Noodle separate seasoning pack on me. Gah! Nothing. So, incredulously, I slug some.

The front end is unremarkable, with some caramel malt taste. Then comes the kicker. The tail end of this beer (and the aftertaste) is like chewing-up an aspirin, chasing it with watered-down grapefruit juice, then making out with a pine tree…without all of the post-kiss awkwardness.

Of course I'll call you.

Perhaps I am overreacting, but this beer certainly doesn’t seem like a double IPA. And labels aside, it is about as balanced as Gary Busey.

Seriously, this was the least scary picture of him that I could find.

The Haybag: I don’t think it’s as bad as you claim.  But that’s the problem with drinking good IPAs, it makes beers like this seem even more disappointing.  I want my $8 back.  Forget Gary Busey, I was thinking something more like this: