Beer Review: Cisco Brewer’s Monomoy Kriek

Next up, Cisco Brewer’s Monomoy Kriek:

Sours are not the Haybag’s favorite. So, upon learning that the Haybag was going on the 9-month DL, I came to the realization that (1) I had a 9-month default designated driver, and (2) I could finally go on a sour beer spree. This explains my recent foray into the sick and twisted world of sours.

This is a sour Flemmish-Style Red from Cisco’s “The Woods” series. It’s aged on whole sour cherries and in oak barrels. I had been eyeing it up like a Red Rider BB gun for some time, but I heard it was way low on carbonation, which for me can make some sours unbearable. Also a deterrent, it sports a $20 price tag. But, as Jessie J so wisely posited: It’s about neither the cha-ching cha-ching nor the ba-bling ba-bling…so let’s do this thing.

Jessie J: Also known for her seminal work: “Do It Like a Dude”

It pours brownish-red…like a deep ruby. There is no head to speak of, nor visible carbonation. It sits there unimpressed that you dropped a 20 on it…like a date who orders the most expensive entrée but still thinks you’re a cheap asshole for taking her to TGI Fridays. It smells like sour cherries, and it has a very slight funkiness and a hint of a fall Sycamore. Interestingly, it smells very wine-like. Clearly, the “oak barrels” mentioned on the bottle’s label were formerly occupied by wine. (Cisco also makes wine and distilled spirits.)  The taste is sour, but not like you just broke into LL Cool J’s house and he broke your jaw…more like breaking into Ne-Yo’s place. It’s slight vinegar, slight lactic sour, but very sour cherry and vinous. Also, it’s throwing around tannins like it ain’t no thang. The finish is sour with a cherry twang. Still, not much carbonation to speak of; and often with sours, this is where lack of carbonation will get me, but this one doesn’t. I love it. I will get it again.

The Haybag: I think you’re the only one who smells Sycamore trees. It’s a little creepy. Enjoy your sour beers while you can.