Beer Review: Corsendonk Christmas Ale – Meh’ers gonna meh

I’ve got a bunch of f-ing Christmas beer to review, and it’s Christmas Eve already. It would have been nice had my employers taken my blogging schedule into account and stuck to their target adjournment date. Oh well. Next up, Corsendonk Christmas Ale.

Why haters gotta hate? I have encountered so much apathy about this beer. Lots of “mehs”, “ehhhs”, and “It’s OKs”. What the fuck, people? Look at it, it’s pretty. It smells nice. It tastes like gingerbread, brown sugar, bread, yeast, and a hint of dark fruit. What the hell else do y’all want in a Christmas Belgian? Are Holiday beers some kind of contest to see who can ingest the most cinnamon (which by the way is hilarious):

This thing is like 8 percent abv, but it still has delicate and beautiful flavors, is not too heavy, has no aftertaste, and has a booze presence so low you could probably even drink it at work. (Beerbecue does not generally advocate drinking at work).

Hate less. Drink more. I will get this every Christmas <shakes fist angrily>.

The Haybag: Ehh. It’s OK.

Me: Aaaaaaargh!