New Belgium and Lost Abbey Brett Beer: Maybe Less Bretta Betta?

Next up, New Belgium and Lost Abbey Brett Beer:

It’s late, and I couldn’t finish my Carly Rae Jepson parody video compiled from clips of Leonard Part 6. So I’ll go with a written post as a backup. Disappointing, I know.

Not as disappointing as an ’80s Bill Cosby workout montage.

This wild ale is a collaboration between New Belgium and Lost Abbey. Lost Abbey doesn’t really distribute here, but both breweries are doing some cool stuff with wild ales. So I was excited to try this. As a side note: I think this beer is supposed to be a resurrection of Lost Abbey’s Mo’ Betta Bretta (which I have never had).

As the name suggests, Brett Beer is 100 percent fermented with Brettanomyces. This is a little different, as more often Brettanomyces are thrown in after the “tame” brewing yeasties have worked their magic. Then the Brett usually eats up residual sugars and provides funk (barn, barnyard, hay, horse-blanket, etc.) and often some a little bit of sour character. Soooo, if a little Brett does that, then 100 percent Brett will be super funky and sour, right? (That’s what the kids call foreshadowing.)

It pours a radioactive, hazy, straw color, with a slowly-receding, fine, white head. At first, it smells like one of those stupid tropical fruits that is all exotic and crazy-looking but ends up being kind of lame. Then there is some banana, aaaand the Brett. The Brett has me a little confused, though. It’s not the usual funk.

As for the taste: It’s way sweeter than I expected. The tropical is still there (a little more forward than in the smell), joined by some cereal, and a faint tripel-like apple and pear. And now the Brett is definitely all up in my grill; but it still has me a little thrown off…like when you’re traveling in another time zone, and Jeopardy comes on at a different time.

You may be naturalized, but I’ve got my eye on you, Trebek.

It’s almost like an over-ripe, not-quite-rotten-but-maybe-the-Haybag-will-get-mad-if-I-eat-it pineapple. Strange. Finally, it finishes sweet, and is overall pretty heavy. Like this beer leaves its shirt on at the pool, heavy. I’m not feelin’ it. And I wanted to like it.

As for the Haybag, I opened this while she was out with the ladies to see the critically-acclaimed Citizen Kane of stripper movies: Magic Mike.