Beer Review: Simple Malt Double Porter

Next up, Simple Malt’s Double Porter. I think this beer is from Quebec.  The label has a bunch of French words, and two English words: Strong Beer. Works for me.

Rough translation of French words: Drink me.

It pours a not-quite-black dark brown, with auburn highlights. It has a nice tan head that leaves a little lacing. It smells like chocolate and smokey smoked smokey bacon…hopefully that explains why our female dog is trying to hump my leg.

Female dog + leg hump = double sex fail

This beer tastes like 3 days of sitting by a fire, eating bacon, and drinking nothing but beer and scotch, also known as: camping. No wonder the Haybag keeps telling the beer that it needs to shower.

It’s interesting. You can’t argue with the flavor of malt, smoked bacon, scotch, and chocolate.  All at once…why not?  Also, even though the flavors are heavy-handed, the mouthfeel is not.  This stuff may be growing on me.

For more on smoke beers, Sportsglutton has a thorough review of a classic smokey beer, Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen.

The Haybag: What the hell?!  The dog is trying to French-kiss me.  I’m not feelin’ this beer. But, hey, I’m a vegetarian.