Schlafly Christmas Ale Review on the Friday Football Fix

Don your gay apparel and roast your nuts, as beerbecue guest reviews Schlafly’s Christmas Ale on the Sports-Glutton’s Friday Football Fix. This week, Niners vs. Rams.

I also go overboard with Big Lens effects.

I also go overboard with Big Lens effects. Fake depth of view and snow effect….ooooooooh.


Friday Football Fix: Great Lakes Oktoberfest and Cleveland vs. The Nasti

Getcha fix on. I review Great Lakes Oktoberfest for the Sports-Glutton’s Friday Football Fix. Also, I call the Haybag “Frau” and tell her to get me a beer. That should end well.

Name My Baby Contest and My New Guest Posting Gig

Good news. Bad news. So, apparently the ultrasound tech did not find male junk. That means we are having a girl, which is cool, in part, because we have a shit-ton of girl stuff in the attic. Unfortunately though, this is bad news for the Name My Baby Contest. I only had naming rights if the baby was a boy. The Haybag has the naming rights for any girl issue, and she is apparently unwilling to relinquish those rights for a blog contest. I guess she has a couple names picked out already. I know. Totally selfish.

Also, I have been guest posting every Friday over at the Sport-Glutton. Every Friday, the Glutton posts a preview for a particular NFL game, and I contribute a short, beerbecue-style beer review that is related (sometimes tenuously) to the match-up. So, head on over to the Friday Football Fix. The Sports-Glutton is a one-stop shop for sports, booze, food, and general hilarity.

Lastly, I will have a new review up on Monday morning: Cisco Brewer’s Monomoy Kriek. After all, this is a beer review site…of sorts.