Green Flash Green Bullet Triple IPA: Steve McQueen would approve

Next up, Green Flash’s Green Bullet:

green bullet

A beer sets a high bar for itself by bearing a name reminiscent of the coolest badass of all time: Steve McQueen. Indeed, it’s hard to measure up to Detective Frank Bullitt in a green ’68 Mustang GT chasing a ’68 Charger R/T through the streets of San Francisco, and leaving in his wake six suspiciously similar green VW Beetles, 20 lost hubcaps, a bottomed-out oil pan, and a trail of masculinity so strong that nine female bystanders became spontaneously pregnant from a sideways glance as he sped by. Indeed, Steve McQueen is the man by whom the rest of us hold our manhood cheap.

Steve McQueen looking cooler backing up than you ever have going forward.

Steve McQueen looking cooler backing up than you ever have driving forward.

And you might think that Steve McQueen is dead, made to look depressingly mortal by the ravages of mesothelioma. But no. Steve McQueen lives. Steve McQueen is the brief moment of daylight under the tires of a car that speeds over the crest of a hill. Every time a man chooses not to carry an umbrella? That’s Steve McQueen. The voice in the back of your head telling you not to wear skinny jeans? Ha, Steve McQueen tricked you. Why the fuck would you even consider skinny jeans? The satisfying sound of a punch to your face for considering skinny jeans? You guessed it…Steve motherfucking McQueen.

Let’s see how Green Bullet measures up. Originally brewed in 2011 for Green Flash’s 9th Anniversary, they decided to release bottles as a seasonal this year from September to December. And despite my effort to link it to Steve McQueen, it’s actually named for its New Zealand Green Bullet hops.

It pours a slightly hazy orange-amber, with a thick and persistent off-white head. It smells like a monster…like its going to be a bitter, boozy, dank, and resinous affair along the lines of Devil Dancer. Of course, the taste is big with resinous, dank, mango, and citrus hop character. But while Devil Dancer gets a little violent, Green Bullet manages some harmony. The malt backbone is strong, but not too sweet; it’s got some booziness, but never too much; and it’s bitter for sure, but never harsh. It’s less like Devil Dancer’s ultra-violent hop hate crime, and more like Steve McQueen punching you in the nose one time. Sure, it stings and makes you woozy, but you got punched by Bullitt. How cool is that?

The Haybag: This beer is excellent. As for getting punched in the nose, from the looks of your beak, I think I’ll just take your word for it.