How to Pour a Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro (Do Not Attempt at Home)

Next up, Left Hand Brewing’s Milk Stout Nitro:

Left Hand

A couple months ago, Left Hand’s Milk Stout helped douse flames in beerbecue’s spicy food and beer experiment. It’s a yummy milk stout (big, chocolatey, slightly roasty, and just on the right side of the sweetness Maginot Line). Occasionally, one can even find it on nitro tap, which makes it creamier and, I think, even yummier.

Now, after thousands of R&D dollars, countless hours of lab nerd work, and possibly a deal with the devil, Left Hand brings you its Nitro Milk Stout in a bottle…without a divisive Guinness-like widget. So, through a secret process and some voodoo magic, Left Hand imbeds the nitrogen, which then comes alive after a vigorous pour. How vigorous, you may ask? Well, beerbecue’s R&D, AV, and Child Labor departments have teamed up to demonstrate…