Beer Review: Mikkeller Big Worse (Bourbon Barrel Edition)

For our first import on beerbecue we review Mikkeller Big Worse, which I got as a birthday present. It’s a Danish barleywine-style ale, aged in bourbon barrels.

Happy Birthday to me.

This beer is brewed by Mikkeller, the freeloader of brewers. Mikkeller apparently doesn’t have its own brewery. They just guest brew at various breweries.

I am guessing Mikkeller shows up at a conspicuously inopportune time; says he hates to impose, but could he crash at the brewery; the brewer has to ask his wife; the brewer and his wife have a hushed, but audible, argument inside; Mikkeller ultimately gets to come inside and brew…and Danish zaniness ensues.

It pours a murky brown, with a quickly-receding khaki head. It smells gorgeous: Toffee and vanilla, with bourbon in the background. It tastes the same, perhaps with the addition of raisins and the bourbon becoming more prevalent. Actually, the bourbon kicks in pretty stiff at the end. And I think there is some floral hop character sneaking around in there.

As for drinkability, it has a pretty hefty mouthfeel; and at 11% abv, after a couple of these maybe I too would cast Rosie O’Donnell as cartoon hottie Betty Rubble.

Maybe not.

The Haybag: I liked it. Yummy toffee, vanilla, and bourbon. It’s appropriately sweet, but maybe a little too boozy…kind of like you, dear.