Boulevard Brewing Nommo Dubbel: More fun than a barrel of Nommos

Next up, Boulevard Brewing’s Nommo Dubbel:


More freaking mermaid labels. So, we already established in the Uinta Sea Legs review that being lured into the ocean by a mermaid was like risking your life to get to first base with a Pentecostal chick. Well, with the legend of the Nommo, the good people of Mali have upped the gamble. There are mixed descriptions, but it appears that in addition to the fishy lower half, Nommo’s are also hermaphroditic, conjoined twins.

Now, that may be your bag. Beerbecue isn’t here to judge your sicko fetishes. But the label makes it look like the hermaphroditic…ness is either manifested in each twin being one gender, or one is a little more lady and the other is little more dude. Either way, one twin is probably a total grenade. So, good luck getting a friend to take Mother Goose duty on a mermaid that looks like a Patrick Mohr runway model:

New rule: Don't read beerbecue before bedtime.

New rule: Don’t read beerbecue before bedtime.

It pours mahogany with a light tan head that enacts the No Lace Left Behind Act of 2013. WARNING: I don’t care what you do with other Nommos in your free time…that’s your deal. Just make sure you let this Nommo warm a bit. I can pick up hardly anything at all at cold temps, but once it warms it smells like molasses, snicker-doodle cookies, bananas, and rum soaked raisins. And the taste is pleasantly malty with brown sugar, fig, toffee, and a hint of clove. It has pretty good carbonation, but manages to finish slightly sweet (which I like in dubbels). Bottom line: It’s subtle, and if you don’t let it warm-up, it smells like nearly nothing and tastes like a poor man’s Chimay Grand Reserve. Fortunately, after it warms, it’s still subtle, but it develops a tasty personality all its own.

The Haybag: Nommos be creepy. Malians need better mythology. Except for this Nommo. This Nommo be tasty.