Beer Review: DC Brau The Corruption

Please excuse my previous premature post of the incomplete first draft of this review. I swear that has never happened to me before.

Next up, the Corruption from DC Brau:

The Corruption is named for “the corrupt bargain”. What’s that you say? Well, in the 1824 presidential election, when no candidate had a majority of the electoral votes, the 12th article of amendment to the Constitution dictated that the House of Representatives had to break the “tie” between the 3 candidates who had the highest number of electoral votes. “The corrupt bargain” refers to the rather dubious dealmaking of Henry Clay in securing the White House for John Quincy Adams. In doing so, he out-Blagojeviched Rod Blagojevich and was quite coincidentally appointed as John Quincy Adams’ Secretary of State.

You gotta hand it to Clay, though. He had some balls. He screwed over the President most likely to kill a man for no particular reason: The incumbent, Andrew Jackson. Crazy as an outhouse rat, Jackson is alleged to have engaged in as many as 100 duels, which were precipitated by affronts ranging from insulting his haybag to a disagreement over a horse bet.

Seen here defending the honor of his recently deceased cat.

Jackson was such a badass that he would sometimes let opponents who were better shots fire first, employing the brash logic that their marksmanship would be compromised by the perceived need for speed. Then, with the projectile safely lodged in his body, he could take his own sweet time curing his opponent’s lead deficiency. It worked, but he was said to have been wounded so many times in duels that he “rattled like a bag of marbles”. Although the clanging noise was more likely attributable to his testicles.

It pours a murky orange with a significant, frothy head that leaves doily porn up and down the glass. It smells like Columbus hops up in here: Citrus, cedar, pine, and the air of an Afroman concert. The taste is the same, but with less citrus juice, more citrus pith, the Afroman concert hitting a critical mass, and a slight biscuity malt. The finish is pretty dry, along with the kind of bitterness that sick, jaded hopheads seek. It’s really kind of like Deviant Dale’s, but slightly toned down on the hop-front, drier, and a little more carbonated.

I really like it. Lately though, cans have been hard to come by. And unfortunately, until DC Brau ups their production, this one will continue to be hard to snag.

The Haybag: Very nice, but I prefer my IPAs with a tad more sweetness. And try to be a little more disciplined with the “Publish” button from now on, please.