Beer Review: Founders Backwoods Bastard

Next up, Founders Backwoods Bastard:

I have been longing for this baller since I missed out last year. It’s the bourbon-barrel aged version of Founder’s Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale, which seems pretty damn conducive to some barrel-aging. So I quickly snapped up a four-pack of Backwoods Bastard this year.

The guy on the label looks like Popcorn Sutton from the Discovery Channel series Moonshiners, which I have been watching lately. God, I love those little ‘shine-addled, law-breaking rednecks…especially Tickle. And I know Tickle hasn’t been to law school, but he regularly fires off such Cicero-worthy gems as: “It ain’t illegal till you get caught.” He doesn’t have an MBA either, but he wisely summed up their business model: “If’in we ain’t makin’ liquor, we ain’t makin’ money.”

C’mon, people, the man has LED lights in the brim of his hat.

It pours mahogany, with some reddish highlights. It’s got a beige head that recedes pretty quickly. The second you pour it, you can smell the bourbon. Upon further inspection, there is oak, vanilla, toffee, and a little smoke that tries to pull the smell over to the scotch side of the whisk(e)y spectrum. The taste follows the nose with the addition of brown sugar and a slight hint of chocolate and dark fruits from the Dirty Bastard base beer. It’s sweet, but not cloying. And it’s 10.2% ABV, so a 4-pack of these could lead to one of those mornings where you wake up in a strange place with a degree from University of Phoenix.

The Haybag (from her shot glass sized pregnancy portion): Too boozy. I like Dirty Bastard better. Although, maybe it’s because I can’t drink enough right now to make Moonshiners bearable. Now, switch it to Hart of Dixie. That Rachel Bilson deserves so much more than just Teen Choice Awards.