Tröegs Perpetual Imperial Pale Ale: No, dude, it’s INDIA Pale Ale. No really, brochacho, it says IMPERIAL Pale Ale.

Next up, Tröegs Perpetual IPA (Imperial Pale Ale):

They’re at it again. First Tröegs tries to exercise mind-control with their Nugget Nectar. Then Sierra Nevada, in search of the elusive Hopps-Boson, puts us all at risk with a giant hop collider under Chico, CA. This time, utilizing seven different hop varieties, Tröegs defies at least two laws of thermodynamics, and flies in the face of the theory that time is finite, to bring us a “perpetual” IPA.

Whoa. Shit just got surreal up in here. Don’t go crying for your Dada.

Of course, time being finite is a little suspect. Physicists were just pissed that they couldn’t calculate the probability of anything, because if time is infinite, then even improbable events will occur an infinite number of times.

Although, the Cubs would still never win a World Series.

Some Spanish physicists have even claimed that time is actually slowing down and will eventually stop. But they’re Spanish physicists, so it’s probably just a clever nerd-ruse to justify coming in to work at 10am and taking a 3 hour lunch.

For the hop lineup, Tröegs uses Bravo, Chinook, and Mt. Hood in the boil; Mt. Hood and Nugget in the Hopback; and Citra, Cascade, and Amarillo in the dry-hop. It pours clear gold with light amber highlights. I got about a finger of foamy head that loitered for a bit and left some lacing. At first, the smell is citrus (orange and grapefruit), then some floral and a light backing of pine swoop in unannounced. It’s cool, though. There is harmony, as no single hop aroma bleeds the block. The citrus follows through on the first sip, followed by a little spiceyness. Then, about half-way through, I start picking-up apricots. This is strange, but it’s the second time this has happened with a Citra dry-hopped beer (the other was Sound Brewing’s Humulo Nimbus). The malt supports, the carbonation is just about right, and the finish is dry with a pleasant, almost herbal, bitterness…and no trace of the 7.5% abv.

Don’t expect a hop bomb. This is a balanced, enjoyable, summer drinker, with varied hop flavors that aren’t all up in your grill, abusing and jading your palate.

The Haybag: This is a nice change of pace from the never-ending stream of abusive hop-bombs that have been cycling through our fridge.